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Jasmine’s a CHAMPION

Sunday, May 27th, 2007

Jasmine and HandlerForevr’s Belly Dancer completed her AKC Champion title today, Sunday 5/27/07, by earning a 4 pt major at the Plainfield KC in New Jersey. Judge was L.T. Haverstock from Canada.

Jasmines owner Janice called with great excitement to tell us the good news. Janice shared Jasmine finished her title in 20 shows on the Anniversary weekend of her bringing her to her home. Now that’s just good Karma!

Markies Portrait

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

marc01.jpgWe commissioned a portrait of Markie about 8 months ago. The artist is from Germantown, TN, and primarily does animal paintings. Her name is Debbie Richmond. She is delightful and an animal lover…need we say more?? Anyway, a painting of our precious Markie was the final thing that we could do to seek closure since his untimely death. It is somewhat bittersweet that his painting would be completed near the 1st anniversary of his death, June 3rd.
Mike and I met with Debbie at her home on Saturday for the unveiling of Markie’s portrait. After several hours of laughing, crying and sharing pet stories, we brought Markie home for the last time. We invite you to come view his beautiful painting whenwith Permission of Patti and Mike we are sharing the potrait. you can. You can also see it on Debbie’s website:
Click on “small dogs” to view Markie. We are thrilled with his painting and hope to have Debbie paint our sweet cat Pepper who died 9 months before Markie. We hope you will visit the website and enjoy the beautiful paintings.
Thank you for caring about us and our dearly missed Markie.
Patti and Mike

Dogday at Shea Stadium

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Rufus and Holly at the MetsHello Ruth Ann & Danny,

I hope this email finds you all well!! Today was a very exciting day for us………………..Dog Day at Shea Stadium with the NY Mets.

The North Shore Animal League which is an animal shelter here in Long Island, NY holds 2 of these at Shea Stadium where you can bring your dog to the game (we are only allowed to sit in the bleachers/picnic area) and before the start of the game, they hold a parade around the stadium’s warning track and we get to “parade our dogs.”

We had a blast but by the 7th inning the dogs were ready to leave since it was pretty hot today. The Mets did win so it was the perfect end to a perfect day!!

Enjoy the photos,

Linette & Mitch Krevor

Fred Astaire

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Forevr Fred AstaireOh Ruth Ann! Fred is the most wonderful little fellow. He has stolen my heart already! He slept all the way home from the airport. I gave him a little time to check out the yard alone and he picked out his potty spot which he has used every time I have taken him out. I held him while he met Carter. They instantly loved each other – tails wagging a million miles an hour. As soon as he met Carter, Fred’s tail was up and he was prancing about the yard like he had always lived there. He seems to have instantly bonded with  me and comes right to me when I say his name. After eating, drinking and making another trip outside, he promptly went to sleep in the recliner on my lap for several hours. (Of course, not wanting to disturb a tired puppy, I took a nap, too.)

I can’t believe how brave and confident he is! He wasn’t shaken at all by his journey. He has made himself right at home, giving me lots and lots of doggie kisses! He is one happy bundle of love.

He is absolutely beautiful-perfect in every way and just what I was hoping for. Thank you so much for letting me be his mom. What a great Mother’s Day I have had!

I’ll stay in touch and send pictures soon.

All the best,

Alice, Fred, and Carter

LilGirl – Pua

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

pua42307.jpgHi Ruth Ann,

Just wanted to give you an update. We made it back home just fine. Pua had a few issues (vomiting) prior to getting on the plane, but then slept on board with some water and was just fine. Since being home she is rapidly (to my great surprise) acclimating to her new new surroundings and two new adults (dad and poppo (me)). She is a bundle of energy and a total joy. In two days she has had only a few accidents in the house, but we are both so very diligent with taking her out that she actually doesn’t have time to have any accidents. I think the upfront effort will pay off in the long run. She had her first vet visit and received her first bordetella shot. Her schedule for spaying is somewhere between month 5 and 6. At that time she will also be chipped. All is all, she is great. She sure keeps both of us hopping. 🙂

Best regards,

Rick Pesano

LilBoy – Jackson

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

LilBoy/JacksonRuth Ann and Danny you were wonderful to deal with every step of the way and Lil Boy is an angel and such a sweet and beautiful happy little pup. He is everything we could ever hope for and even more.. The kitties sniffed him a little one at a time, gave one or two quick hisses then settled back to watch every move he made..He gave our cat Jake a little kiss on the nose and Jake sat next to me on the couch as I held Lil boy. He has such a gentle and cheerful spirit and Rob and Ali and I love him so much (and it’s only been a few hours) He ate well, played with the little Teddy bear you sent with him and settled down quietly in his crate for a quick nap. He loves chewing on his cow hooves as well as his nylabone..Well goodnight for now.. I want to get up early and take him out before work.. Ali will be home with him all weekend and will take him to the vet tomorrow. Ali or I will call you tomorrow evening after the visit. I can’t wait to wake up and see him in the morning..What a dream come true!!! Thank you so much. Linda, Rob and Ali Pintoff

P’nuts 1 year old

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

pnut52007.jpg5/20/07 Well, a year ago today, you were having one horrendous day, Ruth Ann. But, thanks to your perseverance and expertise, our family is now enjoying a wonderful little dog.

pnut52007b.jpgAs you can see from these pix, P’Nut is doing very well. I love his ears and black mask and tiny nose. We get complimented everywhere we go on how pretty he is. Just last week at an agility trial (we were just spectators) one lady said he was the cutest dog she had ever seen. He definately draws attention, that’s for sure.

We have just finished up our Basic I training. I am hooked on these training classes and already have him signed up for Basic II and a clicker training class. In addition, we are starting agility training with an all toy breed group, which I’m very excited about. P’Nut is so smart and catches on so fast. Most of the training is for me more than him–there is so much to learn!

Pnuts graduationThe third picture is from his Puppy Kindergarten graduation, the hat was way too big, so I had to just lay it in front of him.

I made it to my first real dog show in Harrisburg. I think that was the same weekend as the Pap National. I loved watching the Paps, and even recognized some of the owners from spending so much time on their sites when I was in search of a puppy. I didn’t take P’Nut, but may next year. I would love to meet you guys in person some time and have you see P’Nut, maybe at next year’s Harrisburg show if you’re in PA.

I haven’t gotten P’Nut’s registration papers back yet from the AKC, but should soon as I’m already getting emails, with his registered name on, trying to sell me stuff. I named him Forevr Heart’s All Aflutter.

Take care and thanks again for our little P’Nut 🙂

Jeanne Henry & family

Forevr Note: Pnut parents are CH Forevr TX Redheaded Stranger and CH Forevr It’s Just Earsay

Chase MACH2, Group 3 & World Team

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Chase with Mach2 & Group Ribbons5/21 MACH 2, World Team Selection, and a Group 3
All within a 4 week span practically!

5/11/07 Well the team was picked and CHASE won out!

Chase is now a 2 time AKC/USA World Team member and

we will be going to Norway in September!Â


Way to go to the Chase-Face………… or MACH 2 StarStruck Chase the Moon !

Andrea Samuels, StarStruck Papillons

Forevr Note: Chase is sire by our Bravissimo.

We are very proud of all the kids from spectacular litter.


Cindy has fun with Zorro Clark & Filly

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

Cindy with PapillonWhat a great weekend.

5/20/07 Saturday- Forevr Clark Gable Clark wins WD and Best Puppy under Glenda Dawkins for 2 points.

Then Forevr Amici FarleysD Filly goes WB and BOWÂ for 2 points. Rocyn Zorro gets Best Bred By and we go in the BBE group and score a 3rd out of 6!!

5/19/07 Clark went WD today under Glenda Dawkins for another two points.

I won WB with the IG today, too.

A good day at the dog show.

Cynthia Springer Rocyn Papillons

Flynn’s Best Of Breed’s

Saturday, May 26th, 2007

flynnbobstpetersburgsm.jpgAM CH Forevr Errol Flynn has winning news!

5/20/07 Flynn was BOB again today at Ft. Myers. I am thrilled with a second weekend of back to back breed wins!

5/19/07 Flynn took BOB today in Ft. Myers.   The judge was Glenda Dawkins. We are getting the hang of the groups now and Flynn is looking real good. We’re having lots of fun!

5/6/07Forevr dogs were definitely in favor this weekend in Miami. Flynn took BOB both days and we got to go play in the big ring! We got a decent look from both Group judges and we had fun.

Talk to you soon,

Lori Landis, BayPalm Papillons