Fred Astaire

Forevr Fred AstaireOh Ruth Ann! Fred is the most wonderful little fellow. He has stolen my heart already! He slept all the way home from the airport. I gave him a little time to check out the yard alone and he picked out his potty spot which he has used every time I have taken him out. I held him while he met Carter. They instantly loved each other – tails wagging a million miles an hour. As soon as he met Carter, Fred’s tail was up and he was prancing about the yard like he had always lived there. He seems to have instantly bonded with  me and comes right to me when I say his name. After eating, drinking and making another trip outside, he promptly went to sleep in the recliner on my lap for several hours. (Of course, not wanting to disturb a tired puppy, I took a nap, too.)

I can’t believe how brave and confident he is! He wasn’t shaken at all by his journey. He has made himself right at home, giving me lots and lots of doggie kisses! He is one happy bundle of love.

He is absolutely beautiful-perfect in every way and just what I was hoping for. Thank you so much for letting me be his mom. What a great Mother’s Day I have had!

I’ll stay in touch and send pictures soon.

All the best,

Alice, Fred, and Carter

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