LilBoy – Jackson

LilBoy/JacksonRuth Ann and Danny you were wonderful to deal with every step of the way and Lil Boy is an angel and such a sweet and beautiful happy little pup. He is everything we could ever hope for and even more.. The kitties sniffed him a little one at a time, gave one or two quick hisses then settled back to watch every move he made..He gave our cat Jake a little kiss on the nose and Jake sat next to me on the couch as I held Lil boy. He has such a gentle and cheerful spirit and Rob and Ali and I love him so much (and it’s only been a few hours) He ate well, played with the little Teddy bear you sent with him and settled down quietly in his crate for a quick nap. He loves chewing on his cow hooves as well as his nylabone..Well goodnight for now.. I want to get up early and take him out before work.. Ali will be home with him all weekend and will take him to the vet tomorrow. Ali or I will call you tomorrow evening after the visit. I can’t wait to wake up and see him in the morning..What a dream come true!!! Thank you so much. Linda, Rob and Ali Pintoff

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