P’nuts 1 year old

pnut52007.jpg5/20/07 Well, a year ago today, you were having one horrendous day, Ruth Ann. But, thanks to your perseverance and expertise, our family is now enjoying a wonderful little dog.

pnut52007b.jpgAs you can see from these pix, P’Nut is doing very well. I love his ears and black mask and tiny nose. We get complimented everywhere we go on how pretty he is. Just last week at an agility trial (we were just spectators) one lady said he was the cutest dog she had ever seen. He definately draws attention, that’s for sure.

We have just finished up our Basic I training. I am hooked on these training classes and already have him signed up for Basic II and a clicker training class. In addition, we are starting agility training with an all toy breed group, which I’m very excited about. P’Nut is so smart and catches on so fast. Most of the training is for me more than him–there is so much to learn!

Pnuts graduationThe third picture is from his Puppy Kindergarten graduation, the hat was way too big, so I had to just lay it in front of him.

I made it to my first real dog show in Harrisburg. I think that was the same weekend as the Pap National. I loved watching the Paps, and even recognized some of the owners from spending so much time on their sites when I was in search of a puppy. I didn’t take P’Nut, but may next year. I would love to meet you guys in person some time and have you see P’Nut, maybe at next year’s Harrisburg show if you’re in PA.

I haven’t gotten P’Nut’s registration papers back yet from the AKC, but should soon as I’m already getting emails, with his registered name on, trying to sell me stuff. I named him Forevr Heart’s All Aflutter.

Take care and thanks again for our little P’Nut 🙂

Jeanne Henry & family

Forevr Note: Pnut parents are CH Forevr TX Redheaded Stranger and CH Forevr It’s Just Earsay

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