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This is what a sample Forevr Sales Contract may look like :


Forevr Papillons put their sales agreement on the net for the first time in 1998.  Since that time anyone can go to just about search engine, type in Papillon Sales contract, and find a very similar, yet slightly, changed form of our original agreement. 

We take the welfare of our Papillons very seriously and feel even though a Papillon born at Forevr may move to a new forever home,  we are still responsible to our Papillons, to make sure they are properly cared for or in the event they become abandoned by their buyers and placed in an pound, kennel or rescue organization. Through our experiences of trial and error  and receiving legal advice our sales agreement is what it is...

At Forevr we would love to make handshake deals, and occasionally we still do with people who we know an feel we can trust.  The problem with a hug with a promise including verbal agreements is one of two things can go wrong. People forget what they agreed to and a contract serves as a reminder to both the buyer and the seller.  OR Everything is great with show home as long as we are all happy.  If by chance something goes awry with the friendship, in most cases at that point, the buyer forgets or claims to forget their verbal agreement.  We make our agreements public knowledge by placing them on the internet for anyone to view, so no one can say... "I did not know your terms of agreement. "

Thus if someone in the Papillon show community for whatever reason decides to break our show  agreements, the dog fancy will know their word is not good.  In many ways dog people knowing another dog persons word is not good actually has more benefit than the word of the US courts.  Will we take legal action if a first generation Forevr bred Papillon turns up in bad breeding arrangements or are not being care for properly, or the buyer has died and the estate is not looking out for the good care of one of our kids?   Yes, we have and will do so again, although we never sell a dog expecting to resort to such actions.

Does this sound a little radical?  Perhaps.  We prefer to call it passion for our dogs, standing behind the kennel name our dogs represent, respecting the Papillon breeders who precede our kennel name in the dogs lineage and responsible dog ownership.  We do try very hard not to be difficult to work with and will do everything we can to help out or understand the special circumstances of someone who has our dogs.  The terms are here because then there are no surprises, we know what to expect, and so do the buyers of our Papillons.

 Please remember, even though buying you may a pet whom becomes part of your family or a show dog to start your show career,... Buying a dog is still a business arrangement even if it is from a Friend,  Back Yard Breeder, Store, or a Reputable Breeder.

Free for you to read.  Please ask permission to copy, use or change this agreement for your own kennel.

Just a few of our successful Show Buyers

Katie & CH BBQ

Gail & CH Frisky

Gaby & BIS BISS Red

Ronni & CH Phae


Karen & CH Belle

Cindy & CH Prissy


Kaj & CH Cookie (Sweden)

Suzanne & CH Luke


Mary & CH Nero

Pip & BIS BISS CH Dragon (New Zealand)


The Millers and CH Navajo

Carol & CH Buck


Jeri Naylor & CH Cole


Lori & CH Flynn

Karen Byrd & CH Hope (shown by Hiram)


Colleen & CH Scout

Gina & CH Bbop


Sandy & CH Caster

Brandi, Mike & CH Flash


CH Sheila & Vesa (Finland)

CH Poppy

Karla & major pointed Genie


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