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Searching for a Top Quality Reputable Ethical Pap Breeder.

I was looking at a paid for internet site advertising listings of Papillon breeders with dogs for sale.  There were a couple of people on the list that I knew were producing good quality healthy show quality champions as well a nice companion pet Paps. There were several people listed I had never heard of.  Soooo, for curiosity sake, one by one, I selected the links to the breeder sites I did not know.
As I went to each one of these sites many of them made claims of all the key words that people are told to look for when searching for a breeder to purchase a new puppy  or their next dog. The words"quality, reputable, healthy, ethical, champion bloodlines in pedigree" are some of the words that come to mind.  Believe you me...there were a few of those breeders who were blowing smoke!  As a longtime Pap breeder, I have studied a tremendous amount of Papillon pedigrees, I have learned to recognize the good producers and the dogs in a pedigree that are less than desirable lineage. Of course there is no way for anyone to be an instant expert about any breed of dog.  This search got me to thinking that it must be incredibly hard for someone looking for a happy healthy Pap kid to figure out which breeder is good or bad & who to contact for inquires about purchasing a puppy or maybe an older furkid.

Here are some tips for your search of a excellent breeder for your next addition to the family:

A) The Statement, Champion (s) in pedigree, many times means they have a champion somewhere in the pedigree.  Most of the reputable breeders will have a online pedigree of their dogs or will readily provide one.  When you see that pedigree look for the following information in part or total and probably more than 1. Champion (CH), Sire of Merit (SOM), Dam of Merit (DOM) or Distinction SOD within the first 4 generations several times, not just one CH dog!  
B) Instead of asking if the dog is in good health, ask for known genetic disclosures.  You should receive an answer saying, for example: "Sire A has been checked clear of PRA, however the great grandfather was a carrier.", or "We know of no known genetic health problems in 4 generation of the pedigree."  If they say they don't know, don't believe is testing, it is a waste of money or they do not know what you are referring to, that is a sign of a breeder that may be lacking in knowledge.
C) If a breeder quotes a purchase price similar to the following; The puppy is $1,000.00 as a pet on a limited registration, but if you want to breed the dog it is more money for full registration.  Be leery.  American Kennel Club frowns upon people charging more money for papers that include breeding rights. It is against AKC rules to charge extra for individual registration papers.  YES, it is true, some good reputable top quality breeders many times will sell their show quality puppies as neutered pets.  Odds are those same breeders won't offer you two prices for the same dog.

D) Requesting a deposit on a puppy before it is born.  What's up with that? <g> Do you think these people were fortune tellers in their former life?  <g> Placing a deposit on a several week old Papillon that may be available after the puppy completes it's vaccinations, or are neutered is a normal practice. Do not be surprised if a minimal non refundable deposit is requested as earnest money to hold your new puppy until you can arrange a visit to take it home.

E) Ask if they belong to any Regional Papillon Clubs or their country's Papillon Club ie: Papillon Club of America (PCA). If they are club members, go check out the breeders referral list of the club and see if they are listed. If they are not listed, write a breeder that is listed on the breeder referral that just happens to live in their area.  Ask them if they have ever heard of the breeder.  OR write the Clubs Recording Secretary and request a referral to a breeder that is local or within driving distance.
F) Do a search engine query on their names and the word, Papillon.  If the search comes up with dog show results, that is a good sign. If you find the breeders kennel name or their own name shows up in paid for site ads after paid for site ads, selling puppies, then do this next.  Search their name and  the word "dog".  If their name comes up  in the search with several breeds, I would suggest to investigate why they are selling several breeds of dogs.  Not that someone can not breed an excellent quality dog of more than one breed, but usually hobby breeders only breed one AKC breed well... maybe two.
G) Visit a news page on their site.  If they have pictures & brags of show wins, and it compliments someone putting an obedience or agility title on a dog they have bred, that is better than, seeing picture after picture of puppies stuffed in cups, or sat in ridiculous settings that makes you want to hummm "How much is that doggie in the window".  ARF ARF
H) Do not be afraid to fill out an online inquiry.  But keep in mind, reputable breeders want information!  So take some time and thought into filling out a Pap inquiry. If you fill in the minimum amount of information, the chances are no matter how good of home you are, your going to get overlooked. 
I) If the breeder wants to set an appointment for a home visit.  Welcome them to drop by.  In most cases they want to check out where their little babies that have loved and nutured since birth are going to live the rest of their lives and that your home is a safe healthy environment.  Sometimes we will drive up to 4 hours one way for a home visit.  In our case, after we get to know you, then we will welcome you to come for a visit and possibly pick up your new happy pappy.
J) Ask if your puppy will be sold with a veterinary signed health certificate.  If they have nothing to hide, they will say yes.  Please keep in mind, Breeders can't just drop in anytime on their vets and allow sufficient time for them to make a Vet Appointment for the health check.
K) Make sure that you have a sales contract that states health conditions, a return policy, Individual Registration number of puppy, DOB, Breeders Name, Name of sire & dam, plus their AKC registration numbers.

L) If you run across a breeder or a site that rants about other kennels, talks about why other breeders don't like them,  Or writes statement on "why NOT to join a club", such as the Papillon Club of America. You may want to put some thought into why they don't get along with their piers and why they would dislike an association of breed fanciers.

M. Looking for a breeder to sell you a nice finish able quality show prospect could be even more difficult to find.  If this would be your very first showpap it may feel nearly impossible.  My suggestion would be find a breeder that has bred Papillons for a number of years. Ask if they are willing to part with a showpup. Make sure they are willing to provide you mentoring in grooming, training, showing, finding a mate, pregnancy and whelping after the sale is complete.  If you are offered a show pap ask the breeder to share with you the good and bad points of the dog you may be offered.  Do not be surprised if they discuss with you about breeding restrictions or breeding rights, that is becoming more and more popular these days. As this fancy little toy dog continues to gain more attention in not only the show ring, but in performance, obedience, and pets for the family responsible breeder feel more compelled to hold onto their show stock. The traditional breeder in America may almost seem paranoid in their selling to another new show home.  I can't say I blame them... Your job is to make them feel comfortable enough to feel your home will care for their breeding with a lifetime of good care and love.

Well that's my thoughts as a Butterfly breeder on helping you find a quality Pap person with healthy Papillons that are available for placement.

Please note:  Forevr Paps and Showpaps.com website is not a breeder referral service.

When offering this breeder tips page, it was not our intention to provide contacts between the buyers and breeders. Even though we hope that every person looking for a Papillon finds a perfect breeder match for them, we would *prefer* not to offer opinions of breeders and make suggestions on who to contact for a Papillon. Please do not phone or email information to us inquiring about other breeders.  We do not give out phone numbers! 

Further Forevr Paps and Showpaps.com recommends the following sites as a start to finding a breeder of quality Papillons.

 Wanting to find more breeders? Try the Pap Breeders Guild Webring.

Just click the picture on the left.

Or if you live in the USA try the Papillon Club of America's Breeder Referral at http://papillonclub.org

Email Advice: If your looking for advice on a Pap you own ... please remember it is free advice from our donated time.  We spend numerous hours answering email and will answer when we have the time to do so. Advice will be truthful honest information and because it is free... it will not be sugar coated for you to hear exactly what your wanting to hear.  AND we are not in training to be the Dear Abby of  Papillons!




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