Fred & Sarge – Naptime

Hi Ruth Ann,
I really am enjoying the papillon fancy list!  Thanks for making that available.
I took these pictures this morning.  I caught the boys napping together.  Just after I took the pictures, Sarge was on his back, out like a light!  Helping mama around the house in the morning is so tiring!  We are on spring break now and so my little helpers are with me every minute during the day!
We start our next round of classes tomorrow.  Fred is really good at Rally – a couple of Q’s in novice already.  Sarge is very easy to train.  He is a total velcro dog and wants to please more than anything in the world.  I think he will be great at rally and obedience!  Fred starts agility training this month, too.  He is so fast.  I wonder if I can ever keep up with him!  🙂  Sarge will be a great agility guy too, since he LOVES to jump.  We have already had to have a “discussion” about not jumping on to the kitchen counter!!  What a little athlete.
I love these boys so much!!!  While they love each other dearly, they still love their individual walks and training times the best.  So, as you can see, I’m having a ball!
Good luck at the spring shows and thanks again for the lists!
Alice, Fred, and Sarge

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