Ch. Riegel Thorn In My Side


Riegel Thorn In My Side

Co-owned by Carlotta Dennie

Ch. The Pine's Riegel Amiral Blanc Ch. Kadam's Cassanova of Walden   Ch. Debonair Calvin Klein 
Merritayl Black'n White Rag Stouravon 
Ch. The Pines Crystal Fanticy  Ch. Janru's Fauconneau De Luci 
The Pine's Panda Fanticy 
Donwen's Social Butterfly Ch. Candlewood Rainbow at Donwen  Ch. Mushroom Hill Bar Bar Baracus 
Candlewoods Melissa 
Ch. Donwen's Cactus Flower, CD  Ch. Donwen's Dust Devil, CD 
Ch. Donwen's Dankeschon Firebird 

Pedigree's are deemed reliable but not guaranteed for accuracy.

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