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Forevr Paps is blessed by some of the wonderful puppy homes that our kids live in.

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Hello Fords,
Vivien is eating more now, and has found a spot in the yard she likes for a bathroom. She eats best when the food is around her crate - guess she feels most secure there. She likes the Nutro small bites food we got her.
She had her vet check today: everything is perfect and our vet commented on how clean the inside of her ears were!  She was tested for heartworm, Lyme, and ehrlichia (negative) and we picked up heartworm, flea and tick preventative. They scanned her chip and it is good, too.
So, everything is great!  Attached are some pictures to enjoy.
Thanks so much!
Darlene Orr


Hi Danny and Ruth Ann,

I just thought I'd let you know that Jeth did wonderfully on the way home
from Maryland.  He has had constant attention with admiring family and
visitors since the moment of his arrival.  He seems to be adapting very
well and is already coming to his new name, "Schubert".  We are a musical
family and thought Schubert was both cute and dignified.  We took several
pictures but need to get our scanner working since we do not have a
digital camera.  I can't wait to send you a picture of him "playing the
piano".    He has been exposed to piano, clarinet, and flute music and
seems fascinated with it all!   You really picked the perfect one for us.
  He LOVES to both sit on our lap and fetch!  

His favorite toy is the little mouse that you sent with him.  He brings
it back every time we throw it....wow...what fun!

Thank you so much for being flexible and allowing us to get him on our
way home.  
Thanks again - I hope everything went well at the show!

Robin Tryon


Dearest Ruth Ann & Danny,

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know everything is going well. While I miss you and my buddies there, I have made new friends in my new home. They have three cats here. At first, the cats were not sure about me. But now we play games and sleep close to each other. I try and get them to chase me, but they just don't seem to understand the rules of the game.

Speaking of sleeping, Ann & Denny put me in a crate for the first couple nights, but I didnít let that go on very long! I showed them that I was a good girl and now I sleep on the bed every night! (They call me their ďBed BugĒ.)

At first I had a couple accidents on their brown rug. the color of gravel, but lately Iím doing better, getting on a schedule, and no accidents for three or four days now.

Ann & Denny are good to me. In fact, Ann found a dealer in MA that would ship my frozen Bil-Jac food to us via overnight service.Good thing Iím not a big eater, the shipping was more than the cost of the food.But she says Iím worth it!

Life here is very busy. I go for walks 2-3 times per day, and go to work with Ann each morning. She has an office with floor to ceiling windows so I get to watch people go by outside.She has to go on errands every day for work and of course I go along. I love riding in the car and have my own seat for cruising around town. However I must ride in a pet carrier when on the beltway. Mom says itís safer during rush hour traffic>Iíve also become a ďBag BabyĒ. You should see my bright red bag I sit in when we go to the bank or post office or stores.

I met my new vet this week. He is very nice and said I was in good physical condition. He got me started on new heartworm medication.I understand I will spend the day with him on August 16Well, got to go, just wanted to say hi. Will send photos at a later date. Hope the two of you are doing fine.

Hugs and licks, Berri

Django is doing great!!! He is such a happy
little love -- actually he's gotten quite big :) I can't begin to tell
you how much I enjoy him. He's also very popular around town. So many
people know him and just light up when they see him. People are always
so amazed at how "calm" and "well behaved" he is for a 6 month old (Of
course, I get to see those puppy moments when he's just running around
out of his mind -- it's pretty funny). My absolute favorite activity
these days is to take walks along the water with Django -- I think it's
his favorite activity, too. As you can see below, he can also be an
awesome lap dog.


Hope you guys are having a great summer! Rufus is definitely enjoying himself. We just got back from a BBQ where he got to run around and have some (not a lot) of hot dog bits.
Anyway, I just wanted to email you a couple of photos of Rufus that I took with my new camera/phone.


Take care,
Linette & Mitch Krevor


Carolan Yarczower, Dazzles new mom called today.  Dazzle is doing outstanding, she is planning on attending Agility classes this summer and her whole family just adores Dazzle!

Rev and her first Christmas with her favorite person.
We just came back from Camp Jackpot, where Tyson did more agility and
obedience, as well as some "canine acting," which actually means learning tricks. 

Once again, he did an exceptional job in agility.  On Thursday (first day of camp),
I introduced him to the second level of UKC agility equipment.  He took it all in
stride and ended up with a qualifying run in the match that we had only 2 days
later.  He also did a good bit of AKC agility, and qualified in the match with the
only "concession" being slightly tilted weave poles.

In obedience, he had a lot of opportunity to heel around a bunch of people, and to
have different people examine him on a stand.  We also did his first obedience
match, in pre-novice.  He was very nervous at first because the quarters were very
tight, and we had to go past a lot of people and dogs standing near the entrance. 
Rather than heeling him past all that, I carried him in, then took a few moments to
settle him down before we worked.  He was still a bit nervous, but worked nicely. 
He also did a full set of stays ... he has never done lengthy stays, so I just kept
going back and rewarding him every 15 or 20 seconds.  So overall, he had a very good
match experience, which is always the goal.

--- Shirl

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