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Buying a Forevr Papillon

Please read the whole page.

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Occasionally we will have a puppy, young adult, or retired showdog for sale.  

Forevr Paps is a breeder of quality Papillon dogs.  We have been breeding and showing Papillons for over twenty years. Ruth Ann and Danny combined together have well over 100 champion Papillons to their credit. We are not a commercial "for profit" establishment.   The vision of Forevr Paps is to produce top winning champion butterfly dogs.  Before breeding a litter we carefully discuss and research the lineage of the sire and dam to not only breed a pretty Papillon dog that conforms to the breed standard, but also a  healthy pet. Sometimes there is a pap available from one of those litters. When  a litter is born at Forevr Paps we take great care in watching the puppies develop and grow.  In most cases puppies are 12 to 16 weeks old before we start making any decisions about their quality or if they will be offered for sale as a show potential or a companion pet.   Our selective breeding process does insure that buyers of  Forevr dogs are purchasing a quality Papillon and a goodHappy Forevr Family representation of the breed.

We like to get to know anyone interested in purchasing one of our Papillons.  Serious sales inquires need to fill our our online  to fill out Pap Inquiry (see Link at bottom of page) with the following information:  Details about yourself, family, home and other pets.  If you live in a house, town home, or apartment.  Do you have a fenced yard or if  you plan on walking your dog for exercise. Plus a brief description of the kind of Papillon that you think your interested in;  show or pet quality.  If you interested in training for performance (obedience, agility, tracking). A brief description of the ideal dog. Color, looks, size, or it doesn't matter, just want a pap. We use this information in placing any of our dogs and occasionally we  will pass referrals to other reputable breeders.

All Forevr puppies are born and live their first weeks of life in the privacy of our bedroom,  as they grow up, between four to six weeks we move them to a more active part of our home where they get every opportunity to see and hear all the noises around our house.  At this time we also introduce the puppies to litter training, this method helps with making housetraining a Pap much easier. You can read more litter training, on Forevr's litter training page. We are very close to our puppies and handle them often to eliminate socialization problems with people later as they mature.  We introduce our Paps to our family and grandchildren during the first few weeks of life and encourage interaction with our puppies by play, rocking and holding them daily. As well as car rides to friends homes or to the vet.  Sometimes after inoculations they will get to take a ride to the pet supply or hardware store as a social outing.   We will place a Papillon in a home with children and usually suggest that a larger Papillon is better for a family with children under 11 years of age. If we have very small, runt, or refined boned Papillons we usually look for an all adult home for the wee ones.  Papillons do make great family dogs however they are a small breed and can be injured with rough treatment or a suddenly dropped. 

Just a little about the people who are Forevr Paps.  Danny has been breeding Papillons since 1981 and got his first Pap in 1980.   Ruth Ann has had the breed since the midDanny & Ruth Ann Ford 1980's.  Both of us have been members of the Papillon Club of America for a long time. In 2008 Danny was given an honorary lifetime membership to the Papillon Club of America for his service to the breed and club.

Danny and Ruth Ann believe in giving back to their breed as much as the breed has given to both of them. Danny has served his civic duty in the breed by being a former of Board of Directors with the Papillon Club of America and the Three Rivers Papillon Club.  Prior to Ruth Ann's move from, Texas to Pennsylvania and back to Texas, she was the founding member  and served as an officer of the Alamo Papillon Society. They are both founding members of the Three Rivers Papillon Club. Ruth Ann has also served on the board of the TRPC in various capacities.   (Please see the "about the breeders" page for more information.)

As the breeders of Forevr Papillons Danny and Ruth Ann have proven their dedication to quality Papillon breeding by having produced Best In Show Paps, several Toy Group Winners, Multiple Group Placers, Obedience & Agility Title winners and wonderful companion pets. Danny & Ruth Ann's dogs are their life, and all dogs live in the house with two special Paps that sleep on the bed with them and sometimes more crowd in!  

On the health side;  At Forevr we do test our breeding adults for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)  and knees are checked for Patella Luxation.  To our knowledge there is no recent history of Liver Shunt, Hydrocephalous, Deafness  Epilepsy or
Neuroaxonal Dystrophy Disease( NAD )in dogs we have bred. 

Our Guarantee: As recommended by the PA lemon law all dogs are sold with a health guarantee that includes 10 days for contagious disease and 30 days for congenital. Dogs do not go to a new home until we have had the opportunity to have the dog officially checked by the vet and have received a certificate of good health. If by some chance a dog is sold and there is not sufficient time to obtain a vet appointment, we will give our personal guarantee of good health.  Pet puppies do not go to a new home until 12 weeks of age.  By 12 weeks old they have received two inoculations for disease and have been wormed.  We take great pride in producing a quality Papillon and also guarantee each dog that is purchased, whether it is a pet or show prospect.  A pedigree (family tree) and health history are included with every sales agreement.  

Companion Pets & Performance Paps: Most dogs we have for sale are sold as companion pets. The sales price for a Forevr Papillon as a companion pet or performance prospect puppies is individually priced for each dog depending on the traits, markings, qualities & age. Often we sell our  Paps that are really show quality as companions rather than placing them in show homes. Some companion pets will go to their new homes already spayed or neutered, if of a proper age.  Occasionally a dog will not be neutered/spayed prior to leaving for their new home.  If that is the case they will be sold on a Spay/Neuter Sales Agreement and  limited AKC registration.  Registration papers will not be forwarded to the new owners until proof of spay or neuter is provided by a licensed veterinarian. 

If your family is approved to purchase a Papillon from Forevr, an available dog can be held by making a small non refundable deposit.  Because of people abusing the "wait for me" courtesy,a deposit is the only way we have of knowing you would be a serious buyer and a puppy does not miss out on a chance at another wonderful home. It is possible that you will need to make two visits to our home when buying a puppy.  The first visit to view the dogs available and make a deposit. The second would be to pick up your dog after neutering/spaying and the receipt of a Vet health certificate.

Show Prospects: As the years go by and we breed less litters we also seldom sell a show potential Puppy. Our show prospect Papillons are dogsDolly Winners bitch at Papillon Canada that are of very good quality. These dogs are good enough that we feel we could easily finish their championship if we were to show these dogs ourselves. We are almost overly cautious about any placement that we make of a possible show prospect dog. We only consider very serious inquires for show placement.  Please have references available when making a show inquiry. Showing a Forevr Papillon means that a dog you may buy from us carries our kennel name in the prefix, and that makes you a representative of our kennel.  A show prospect quality Papillon costs more than a pet companion or performance puppy.  Purchasing a show prospect in most cases includes a joint ownership between the buyer and seller until completion of the sales contract and American Kennel Club Championship. We seldom sell a female show prospect to a first time Papillon exhibitor.  No show prospects are sold to homes that are not willing to show or have their Papillons shown by a professional handler in the AKC conformation show ring to the completion of a Championship title. If you are looking for an outright purchase please be aware there are contractual terms and the purchase price reflects any release of a puppy back and breeding rights, etc. We do not sell our dogs on co-ownerships with  multiple owners and separate kennels. Dogs are not sold with rights to use for outside stud services. Purchasing of either a male or a female will include an agreement that the offspring from a first generation Forevr Pap may not be sold or placed intact, unless you receive our approval in writing.  We feel when we are selling a Papillon we are doing so to help the buyer improve their own kennel. Not the kennel of numerous friends and business acquaintances.  The buyer may breed their Forevr Papillon and show the offspring as a sole owned breeder.  We do offer a replacement guarantee for show prospects in the USA. If a show prospect buyer needs assistance in the ring we extend professional handling services (at a discounted rate for a Forevr Pap).

Export Show Papillon: We like to hear about our Papillons winning all over the world. If you live in a country besides the United States or Canada  weBest in Show Dragon in New Zealand welcome  Email to us asking to buy a Forevr Export at forvrpaps@showpaps.com  Sometimes we will have an American Champion Papillon or a puppy that we may feel can win in another country or maybe earn multiple champion titles from another country or a FCI CH or International Champion title. 

Export sales are an outright purchase.  Any dogs we sell out of the United States the buyers agree to never sell our Forevr Papillon or it's first generation offspring back to North America, the USA, Canada, or Mexico. If you have anyBest in Show Red in South America suggestions or offers to trade export and willing to import a dog to Forevr we may consider the idea after discussing the dogs and their qualities as a show Papillon.

The sale will include AKC registration, any USDA requirements to export and your countries requirements to import from the United States.  If your country requires extra testing such as a rabies titer the buyer will be responsible for all veterinarian costs, shipping, travel, crate, quarantine boarding, permits, registration fee's and certified pedigrees as part of the purchase.  If you would be interested in buying a Forevr puppy please write us an email and introduce yourself. Please include information about yourself, where your live, experience with showdogs and Papillons.  If you have reference of a person you have purchased a dog from please include that.  We hope to make our buyers dream of owning their perfect Forevr Papillon come true. If you are wanting to buy a male or female, want a certain coat color, need big or small size and type of Papillon we would like to know.   Please be aware we are a genetically Red Sable Kennel, we seldom have true tri color Papillons born at Forevr. We prefer not to ship a young puppy that requires a long stay in a quarantine kennel.  Email us to buy a Forevr Export at forvrpaps@showpaps.com and we will chat by email about the possibility.

For All Buyers: We are available for the lifetime of the dogs and consider our Papillon buyers to be part of our extended Papillon family.  We do encourage any buyer not to hesitate in calling or writing, if they have any questions about their Pap.  Any Papillon that is purchased from Forevr Paps is always welcomed to return home if the buyer is no longer able to keep or care for their butterfly companion. 

If you live in the United States and we have not met you in person we would really prefer to meet you in person. Shipping of a puppy will only be considered if there is no other available option. Shipping costs, crates, and gas to travel to the airport (if over 50 miles) will be part of the buyers expense.  Weather restrictions also apply when shipping cargo but do not apply if you fly to pick up your puppy and carry them in the cabin of the airplane.

Honestly, it is most important that any dog you may purchase is a good match for you, we do prefer that prospective owners come to our home to look at or pick up their new family addition. Since we travel to dog shows in a lot of different areas, sometimes we are able to conveniently meet & discuss Papillons with potential owners in the area that they live in.

Please do not hesitate to contact us about Purchasing a Forevr Papillon, we carefully review each inquiry.  After making an inquiry,  if we have a Papillon available that might be a good match, we will respond by email with more information. If you do not hear from us, it is because we don't have a good match for your home at the time.  Sometimes it can take up to 4 weeks for us to reply to your inquiry. There may be many reasons.  We might be expecting a litter and do not have a puppy to offer. We could be on the road at a show circuit or we may be watching a litter to decide if we have a pet puppy available. If you are looking for a Papillon as a pet but your not ready to buy a dog, don't contact us now.  Fill out an inquiry about  8 weeks before you want to bring a  new Pap into your home.  Replies will be made to all serious inquires, providing we have a puppy available that is a good match for your home. In the meantime if you find a Pap to call your own.  Please let us know!  If you do not and we haven't responded please inquire again.  Email these days can get lost in cyberspace and sometimes we are out of town and miss an inquiry. 

Our response will usually include the cost of a Forevr Papillon, information and pictures and more questions to the potential new home. We do not answers posts of inquiry that are not signed with a name and address or posts that just inquire how much?  Please keep in mind that even though we would love to place a Papillon in each wonderful home that contacts us the average Papillon litter is 1-3 puppies.  With a limited breeding program and breeding for the intention of having our own show Papillons, that leaves very few companion puppies available for placement.

If you are really interested in a true Papillon of Forevr, make sure that you are purchasing from the original Forevr Papillon, Breeders, Danny & Ruth Ann Ford.  While searching the net if you happen to run into a "Forever Puppies"  that sells Papillons and various other breeds that is not us and perhaps want to only gain off our  established & reputable Forevr Paps Kennel please proceed with caution.  We only recommend the names located on our "personal friends" links page.

Serious sincere inquires are welcome by clicking on the link and filling out the Papillon Inquiry Form.

http://www.showpaps.com/Inquiry.htm  (form will open in a new page)

If you have not read the whole page, please do, there are no dumb questions, but we prefer not to repeat the information that we provide for you to read about buying a Forevr Papillon.

Review Forevr Papillons sale agreements at our contract page.  Contracts

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