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About Forevr Papillons

Danny in yard with puppies.
Forevr Papillons was created in 1998 when Danny R. Ford II & Ruth Ann Ramsey-Ford joined together in life and dogs. With the combination of Lyndylore & Envy Papillons we have created Papillon Butterfly Bliss by
blending together dogs & their legacy's that include present & past Best In Show, Best In Specialty Winners, Group Winners, Placers and many many champions. We have also successfully produced Obedience, Agility, Therapy and wonderful companion Papillons.  We currently have two homes.  One home located in Danny's home state of Pennsylvania in the Central Mountain area and our other home is a small cottage in the Texas Hill Country near our daughters and grandchildren. When in Texas our family plays a large part in playing and socializing puppies in their early days of life.

As the years have gone by we have continued to produce Papillons at the same standards of excellence as we did in our early days of forming Forevr Papillons. We do our best to offer our word with integrity to everyone who respect us with the same values.  Not only do we show and breed dogs we also support our breed. 

Three Rivers Papillon Club

Ruth Ann was the founder of the Alamo Papillon Society "TAPS" established in 1993 and organized their very first meeting. TAPS is the first regional recognized Pap club in Texas. Together Danny and Ruth Ann organized the first meeting of the Three Rivers Papillon Club, est. 1999. TRPC is the first recognized regional Papillon club in Pennsylvania.  Both Ruth Ann and Danny have served these clubs as officers, board or committee members.  Danny was an early member of the Metropolitan Area Papillon Club, officially formed in 1976 which is the very first AKC regional recognized show club on the east coast.

Alamo Papillon Society

Daughter Evann, Granddaughter Kylie

Our dedication is not only local but on a National level.  Danny has served as a Board Trustee for the Papillon Club of America and in 2009 was elected by his respected peers to hold an honorary lifetime membership.  Ruth Ann was show chair for the PCA National Show in 1993.

She has served on the National Show Guidelines Committee and the Judges Education committee and has volunteered for numerous tasks for the club. Including working with Donna & Gia Garofalo of Involo Papillons creating the PCA Judges Education Slide show.  Which is now offered to all AKC Papillon judges, and for purchase to PCA members.  This project  was a huge task for the club and for the education of AKC breed judges.  In the future we hope to collaborate on additional breed education projects with grooming, exhibitor and breeder education.

Both Danny and Ruth Ann are approved parent club breed judge mentors.  To become a mentor of PCA a person must agree to a code of ethics, have continuous membership for 13 years and have bred and owned several champion Papillons. We serve to educate prospective new Papillon judges ringside and at seminars with discussion and hands on teaching with dogs.  Daughter Terryse, Granddaughter Brooke

Our support for the fancy and education does not stop at the PCA level.  We have several published articles in different dog magazines such as Top Notch Toys, The Papillon Annual, Pap Talk Magazine, The Australian Papillon Club and have been requested to write articles for numerous other publications.  We offer online email list  forums for the new breed fancier and pet owner called Papillon-Fancy. The serious breeder exhibitors called Papillon-edu and the admirers around the world called PapWorld.  *(See our index page for links)

Ruth Ann has been requested more than once to hold Papillon grooming and conformation seminars and although she has yet to take that plunge, she regularly offers private grooming and handling lessons. 

D & RA Filming Animal PlanetDanny and Ruth Ann have been featured as Papillon breeders on Animal Planet TV in the breeder love stories segment.

Danny and Ruth Ann have also judged a few Papillons. In 1999 Danny judged the Alamo Papillon Society Specialty Show, 2000 was the Sweepstakes judge for the Metropolitan Papillon Club and in 2007 Danny was the sweepstakes judge for the Papillon Club of America National Show in San Antonio, Texas. Ruth Ann has presided as the 2009 sweepstakes judge for the Papillon Club of America NE Regional Specialty.

It goes without saying... We have always attempted to offer our dogs the best home environment we can provide.  Every Forevr Puppy is born in the quiet comfort of our bedroom were we can monitor their first days of life at all hours.  After several weeks puppies and moms move to a more active part of the house for the pupD. Selecting Best in Sweepstakes PCA National Show 07pies to start socialization by learning the sounds of the house. Later we like them meet visitors go on car rides and attend puppy play days.

We invite you to look at our picture gallery of dogs and their pedigrees or look at some of the puppies we have had on our puppy page. You will see that we continue over 29 years of breeding excellence with the offspring of our Lyndylore x Envy RA Judge PCA Regional National Show 09blends that makes Forevr the success that it is today.

While you are here visit our grooming page and review the FAQ and Health information.  If you do not have time remember to bookmark our site before you leave so you can come back later. 

In closing we want to say we may not be rich or made rich by Papillons however Papillons have enriched our lives greatly.

Together Forever, we look forward to many more years of our Pursuit of the Papillon...

Danny R Ford II & Ruth Ann Ramsey-Ford

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