With or Without a Mask all Papillons are Beautiful !!!


Papillons can have all kinds of face markings. The preferred markings are a mask of color usually red, sable, or black, over both ears and eyes. The mask can be solid or a can have a white blaze of any size that runs between the eyes and up the middle of the forehead. A band of white is often seen around the nose.


Sometimes Papillons can have less than perfect face markings but it doesn’t make them any less beautiful. Most often people call these dogs mismarks.

Mismarks will have an all white face, 1/2 a white face, have white on the ear or an all white ear or any  combination other than a complete mask.


Look how pretty a Mismark can be.

They can be unique with color over just one ear.

Adorably cute with a half white ear.

Precious with color over two ears and one eye.


Individual with color over one ear & one eye.

A Patch over the eye resembling the "RCA" dog.



Or Patches of color and cute freckles.


Whatever the face markings may be like, these dogs are still Papillons. The uniqueness of the mismark is considered to be a disqualifying marking as written in the Papillon Breed Standard.  Mismarks are excluded from competing in Confirmation events (the beauty pageant portion of dog shows). They are not excluded and are still very capable of participating in performance events such as Obedience, Agility, Fly Ball, or Tracking. And are smart, loving companion butterfly dogs.

Please note: *Ethical Breeders do not breed with the intentions of producing mismarks.  Mismarks do occur occasionally.

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