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Forevr Paps is blessed by some of the wonderful puppy homes that our kids live in.

Hi Ruth Ann and Danny,

Anyways, thought you might like an update on Toto

I donít think Iíve ever had so much fun decorating for Christmas and putting
up the  tree.  Toto, of course, had to have his nose into everything and
kept me in stitches the whole time!  After the tree was up and decorated, he
piled some of his  toys underneath it and lay down for a nap.  Yves couldnít
believe that he put his toys there himself!!!

Needless to say, this little dog has had a tremendous impact on our lives.
To say he brightens my days is an understatementÖand Iím not alone Ė he has
totally won over Yves.   He is also probably one of the best socialized dogs
that we have ever encountered with a curiosity level that is unbelievable.
And in the personality department, he definitely outshines other paps weíve
encountered.  There is never a dull moment with Toto!  We just adore him.

If I donít stop now, I will end up turning this into a novel, so Iím going
to close.  I hope you had a wonderful holiday...my warmest wishes for a
joyful and prosperous 2003.
P.S. - I'm attaching some recent photos...enjoy.

Hi Ruth Ann & Danny.  Today was grooming day at our house, and I thought this was a good opportunity for a photo of Raven and his new brothers.  Spunky, the 3 year old rescue that we got about a month before Raven is on the left, Raven is in the middle, and Furby is on the right.  We are so lucky to have three wonderful paps.  Thanks again for trusting us with Raven.  He continues to be absolutely perfect in every way.
Leonard and I wish you a Happy New Year.  
Do take care, and God bless you abundantly in the New Year.

Joan and Leonard

I can't thank you enough for Sophie. She is a wonderful puppy. I love her spunky attitude ! She is so smart, she has learned several new  behaviors already. As I mentioned I'm "clicker" training her. She caught on so fast I'm amazed. She does, sit, come, target (touches an object with her nose) and she lifts her paw to wave or shake. That's all in 7 days ! The trainer is coming on Sunday the 5th for our first private lesson. I'm so looking forward to it. Her first agility class is in April. The trainer is a certified clicker trainer in agility. Boy do I have to get in shape. 
  It's time to get back to work. I wanted to let you know things are going great. Sophie is very happy and she is very well loved. Thanks to both of you again for bring this precious bundle of joy into my life.


My Nikki (aka En La's Aire of Glamour)

Thank you Ruth Ann and Danny for such a wonderful present!


Pez is adorable we all love her, She is one of the gang and everyone including Niki gets along well with her. We took her to meet everyone the other nite at agility and everyone just adored her :) 
Don't worry the sea-saw is only about 2" off the ground. She is doing great. Trying to get into everything.

This is just a update on Abbie.  She has finished her novice Std and her novice jumpers, has also finished her open jumpers in agility and has one leg in open Std.

This year she is run agility so fast I can not controll her.  We were at a trial in Erie and it was 90 degrees and she had to run at 3 pm and the heat did not even effect her.  

We are working on Obedience with her and hope to put her in her first obedience trial in Nov. 

Abbie is in 2 more agility shows in August.

I sent you a new picture of her doing the weavers. 


Dear Ruth Ann and Danny,
Well, it's a little over 4 months now that we've had the pleasure of having Rudy (Pride) as part of the family.  He is truly the most incredible dog we've ever known.  We really enjoy him.  He's everything wonderful we expected from the breed and more. He just completed obedience class with flying colors.  He's very smart and really took to it. He was the star of the class.  Everyone would stop and just watch him move.  He really moves beautifully, and with a little "Hey, look at me!" attitude.
He's great on car trips; he's vacationed in North Carolina and Maine so far.  He's a good traveler.
Everyone who meets him falls in love with him.  There are now places that we're expected to bring him.  We're no longer welcome without him (e.g.: the bank, the post office, my Mom's nursing home, the hair stylist, most of our friends and relatives, etc). He goes most places with us and there are people fighting to baby sit him if we really can't take him somewhere.
He's grown so much and his coat has come in full and luxurious. He weighs 7 pounds now and stands 10 and 1/2 inches at the shoulder and is 15 inches from the collar to the base of his tail.  He'll do a brisk 3 mile walk without even breathing hard.
I just wanted to keep in touch and let you know that we're all doing great.  Thanks for this incredible little dog!
We really love this dog!!
--- Evelyn, Cal & Rudy

Everyone that has met Guy just loves him.  You were right. After bringing
him home, he has not looked back.  He loves our old 18 year  cat, Cookie.
The surprising thing is that she has adjusted to him equally well.  Guy says
"hello" and Pauline and I want to wish you "good luck" in KC. Let us know
how it goes out there.

Jack, Pauline and Guy

Hello again from New Orleans.  We have been so happy with our little
Cricket, but we think she needs a companion more her size. She weighs three
pounds, now.  We have become complete Pap lovers, and the only thing better
than one Pap is two.  We are mostly interested in a female, but a little
male would be OK, too.  The color does not matter. We have been so charmed with Cricket, that we particularly want a Pap from your establishment.  I was
also going to send a quick e-mail to Gina, also, since she works with you.
We are willing to wait for one from you all.

Kay and Richard


Hi Danny & Ruth Ann, 

Andre` and Bug want to show off too!
Can I send a pic? They are both in the Compuserve dog forum!
(in the toy breed library) Everyone loves them of course!

Love the new web design!

The kids are great! Andre`s coat has gotten beautifully full.
He is sooooo vocal! He is learning (I'm trying) to say "momma"!
His tail never stops, he is so happy all the time.

Bug, (now called Noelle~!) is a perky little girl. Still a bit of a loner, but she is playful now. Loves her toys! 

Luv Ya! Sue & "Kids"!


I just wanted to let you know that Cal and I are so excited about Pride.  He's a wonderful little dog and we're really looking forward to having him join the family.   I'm excited but Cal is absolutely goofy over this! He's been reading training books and has been scouting out places in the park where he can walk him. I've never seen him like this!


  One last thing, there were at least 9 or 10 dogs in the house; there was no dog smell of any type, good or bad.  How do you do that???


 Evelyn Gordon


Hi guys! It's been a while. Thanks for the updated website. It looks great. We love it and show it to a lot of our friends. 

Beau is doing well. I still owe you pictures. He's so much a part of our family.Friends and family come over just to see him, not us. Beau loves baseball and hockey and he's an ESPN junkie. We were talking the other night (Beau and I), and he'd like a playmate. Of course, HE would need to be a sports junkie too.
Any chance of you having a male available? Beau is willing to get a job to pay for a little brother.

Every day is another story with this guy. Thanks for bringing so much happiness into our lives!

Mick & Christine

I wanted to update you.  Squire has bonded with me just fine.  He snuggles, he's always wagging his tail, he's very obedient (he almost doesn't need a leash).  He, so far, as not been 2 inches from my side at all times.  We are so happy with him. He does real well in the car also. He didn't need those diapers at all.  He's been real good.  He stays right with me in our back yard, and always comes when he is called.  He's great on a leash, but growls at some people when we pass.  Oh well, he thinks he's a tough guy.  I know in time everything will be perfect.  I really love the little guy.  Squire was a perfect choice.  (He really does love me, it's amazing it happened so quickly!)  Anyway, I'll keep you posted.
Thanks for that little bundle of joy.   Eileen 



I know it has been a while since I've sent an update on Labonte. She is doing great She weighs 6 lbs. now. She gained abit after her surgery. She is the light of my life and myhusband has gotten so attached to her. She is so sweet andjust a darling. Now don't get me wrong.....she can be apistol. She has everyone wrapped around her little paw. Shehas that little underbite and sometimes her little tongue peepsout and it is just so cute. Again, I think you so much forletting us have her she has filled our lives with such joy. She is just so smart and just learns so very quickly. 

I hope to hear from you as well. Many thanks.

Tammy Croft

I'll keep you update on how Zing is doing and I promise to send lots more
pictures.  Hope you and Danny liked to the last ones.

Please keep us in mind if you have another papillon available for sale.  We
would love to give Zing a companion.  She's brought so much joy to our

I'll keep in touch.  Talk to you soon.

We love both boys very much.  They are great and having a buddy for T.J. has certainly made the cats less interesting for him although Oliver still has not given up on wrestling with our affectionatemale cat.  He puts up with Oliver chewing on him. 

Both boys are so different.  T.J. has really turned into a loving, obedient boy.  He has endless energy and can even outlast Oliver.  T.J. is definitely more athletic always the first to catch the ball and bring it back. Although Oliver just gets a kick out of running beside him trying to get the ball.

Oliver is a little lover.  He is full of kisses and very extroverted.  He loves everyone, kids included.  You can always count on getting licked in the face with Oliver.  Both boys always seem so happy, although I have to watch when I give attention to one and not the other, as they are always watching to see what you are doing with their "brother" and then butt in for the same attention. It is funny how much they notice.

Thanks for everything.  Let us know when you may be down somewhere in this area.  We would enjoy seeing you. 

Take care,
Mary Beth & Rex Oberg

Seamus & his new brother Dylan

Jim and I have decided that we would like to add another papillion puppy to our family this spring.    We would be happy with either a female or another male (if you don't foresee problems with two neutered males), and we aren't particular about color or markings.  I would like to have one with big ears and nice coat typical of the breed.
I am going to hold out as long as I can for one of your puppies.  I am sure others will have puppies available in our time frame, but since we are so happy with Seamus, we would prefer to wait for one of yours. 
Thank you for your consideration.
Judy Randall
P.S.  Seamus is still doing well and we are enjoying every minute with him.


Just wanted to give you an update on Lucky and his adjustment to his new home...it's like he never lived anywhere else!   He has adapted so well andadores my daughters.  My cats are interested in him but still  stand-offish.He on the other hand, wants to play with them!   He is the sweetest littleguy and so lovable...he goes to just about everyone.   However, the othernight the parents of my daughter's friend stopped by and were standing
outside the kitchen gate, and he sat by me and gave them a little growl. Hewas protecting me!   It was so cute.  He probably also smelled their Great Dane. 
As soon as I get our pictures developed this weekend, I'll send you some ofhim romping with the girls.  We love him very much already.   Housebreakingis going okay,  but he does have accidents now and then in the kitchen.He's a very intelligent little dog and has already learned to sit when commanded, and he does respond to his name very well.

Thanks again for giving him to us.
We'll keep you posted on his doings.

Joyce and Joe

We made it home.  Kitty is now Missy.  The first day we got sick had accidents because mom and dad were still in training.  We got to spend sometime in tubs it saved hotel carpets and beds, mom and dad got much better real quick, we got to play and run around we don't like our collars if we bite them just right they come off what fun chewing on them.  Second day Gettysburg I (missy) spoiled dad I slept in his lap, of course he loved it.
Mister liked the bag but he could come out if he wanted.  We talked mom and dad into getting us a rope to play with and leashes (uch).  We got to play a long time before bed.  Third day we got up early and we played pooped and peed and ate and played some more.  We let mom and dad go eat and when they
came back we played some more, we rode 3 airplanes lots of people made a fuss over us and we were told we were very very very good babies.  Only one accident and no illness the whole time on the planes.

Love Mister and Missy

Ps: We almost were not able to take both home at the same time.  United has restrictions of one pet per cabin trip.  There turned out to be a kicker if they are under 6 months and if two fit in the carrier its OK.  Over 6 months one pet per carrier and you have to fly separate flights.  Just and FYI.

Sheila and David
Hi Guys,
Thanks again, even with the unexpected guests, having him here actually helped.  They are the children of my husbands best friend, he was opened up for an emergency appendicitis and they found cancer, totally unexpected, a week ago yesterday.  So Tuckr had a first, and really it couldn't have been with better children, they are extremely bright and well behaved.
He already knows his new name, unbelievable!  He is very bright, himself. Cole and I just love him!  As far as I can tell, anyway, he is doing great!
Take care, I'll write soon. 

Cole & Vikki
Wonderful! We are are so excited that Spirit is going to be part of our family. We really appreciate it.

Hi !  I think we were  blessed with the perfect dog.  Weaver is wonderful.  So sweet and attentive...simply delightful.  We also just really appreciate all the extra time and love and breeding that have gone into his upbringing...it surely shows.  He got an opportunity to meet some people today and behaved beautifully.  Can you tell we're pleased ?!  and very thankful.    Michael constructed a pen for him today in the backyard for potty purposes- you were right about not knowing how to go with a lead on - it's been too cold to teach him.

Just a couple questions...He's sooooo intelligent and we 'd love to know what he knows, rather what he's been trained to do so far.  For example, he puts all his toys neatly on a small  kitchen throw rug.  when I noticed one was missing on an occasion, he had put it neatly on another throw rug in the dining room.  There seems to be a real method to this.   How can we continue to help him learn in the problem solving department?  

Vet appt tomorrow - we'll be in touch.  Thanks again for a delightful boy!  Mike & Lori