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Puppy’s tail does not curl over his back

Friday, January 30th, 2009


I have a papillon puppy that is 13 weeks old this week and he is not carrying his tail up and over his back. When he is excited he holds it up above his bottom, but it sticks straight out from his body and when he is resting or being calm, it falls down away from his body. When he was younger it seemed to be growing in the right direction and, although it was short, curled up at all times. Now it is what seems to be the proper length, but does not have any curl to it at all and is straight as a stick. I was wondering if this could be normal for some puppies at his age and if it is a stage he is going through that will correct itself once he gets older. Is there anything I can do to help correct this? He is AKC registered and I have pictures of his parents, grand parents and great grandparents and they are all of very sound conformation with beautiful curly, plumed tails. I purchased him as a pet, so I don’t expect him to be perfect conformation wise, but the fluffy curly tails are one of my favorite features of this breed and I really hope his will come around. Has anyone else had a puppy that went through a phase like this when they were growing and if so, did it correct itself by the time they were an adult?




One Year Papillon Peeing on Bed!! Help!

Thursday, April 24th, 2008


 I have a nearly one year old Papillon (spayed) who has been peeing on the bed recently.  It all started a several months ago, she would do it when I was out of the room or not looking.  Last night the situation came to a head, as she peed on my boyfriend’s brand new $800 mattress….while we were in bed!!!  She had just gone outside and did her business. 

She is pretty well potty trained, at my condo she goes outside on the patio where she has fake grass and at my boyfriend’s high rise condo, I take her downstairs to the doggie area.  She lets me know when she needs to go and has very few accidents which are usually my fault if I didn’t take her out on time or open the patio door. 

I could start crating her at night and that would obviously eliminate the problem of her peeing while we are in bed, however, it doesn’t stop her from running in the bedroom when we are doing other things or not looking and peeing on the bed.  Any ideas on why she could be doing this and how to train her to stop?  I highly doubt she has a UTI or any other medical problem, as this has been going on for months.  It has to be behavioral.  Please help!!