My pap wont play!

3 years ago, I purchased my very first papillon. He is a male, and is the best friend I ever had, BUT..He’s very skitish and doesn’t play with any toys. He runs away when a someone else apart from me goes to pick him up.
If I call him over to play, he will not come, and i’ll findhim sleeping on the bed.
He is also afraid of water.
I’ve tried to play rough with him to get him excited. giving him toys with food, but nothing works.
The only thing he liked to do is agility.

Do you have an idea why he is like this?
If so, what can I do?

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  1. forevr says:

    Hi My first thought was to inquire if you purchased a puppy?

    Like humans all dogs have their own personalities so maybe he is just a couch potato pap.

    Many dogs do not like water. Some will jump in and retrieve others prefer to stand on the bank of a river or creek and just bark at the water, fish, etc. I am a firm believe if you own a pool or live with water close by that you must get in the water with the dog and teach them to swim and teach them the way to get out of the water. Steps, bank, etc.

    It is not instinct for all dogs to instantly retrieve. In obedience the start with a command words such as “take it” they throw the dumbbell and then take their dogs over to the dumbbell and teach them how to pick it up. Then they teach the dogs the words “bring it” which means for the dog to bring the toy back. Bring it, come, can be taught by using a long leach or a flexi lead. Tricks and fun sometimes aren’t taught instantly it takes the owner sometimes weeks maybe months for the dogs to master the skill.

    If you dog likes agility I think that is terrific. It shows he is not a total skits. I would suggest some more classes and get a trainers advice with some one on one help to teach you and him the finer points of beginning retrieving.

  2. papillions-papillions says:

    I have 3 wonderful Papillions, I am a swimmer, and when I bought my first one, then my second, I heard from all, that papillions do not like water, well I took them to the beach with me, and at first they stood at the very edge of the ocean and barked at me as I swam farther out, I yelled at them to come in and I kept swimming, and they kept barking from the edge, well they decided that they wanted to be with me, so out they swam. The first few times, we were at the beach it was the same, I would swim, they would bark at me from the edge of the water, now, (during the same summer period) they are the first in the water, and even when I am laying in the sun, they are playing in the water. They do not go above their heads if I am not in the water but they are in the water. They love it, I have bought a child’s swimming pool for the yard even, which they use. My suggestion to you is throw a toy that they can retrieve from the water, and watch they will go and get it. Happy swimming.

  3. linda kubicki says:

    I have found that a treat will work with any dog, but my pap can be coaxed into doing anything for a little bit of almond butter. Not the processed kind, but the kind you buy at Whole Foods that is nothing but almonds or peanuts ground-up. Good Luck with you baby.

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