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I took my dog to petsmart for grooming and they cut his coat with a size 5 clippers.  They told us they knew how to groom a Papillion (that they groom all types of dog breeds and know what to do)  My daughter and I were so upset when we picked him up.  Will his coat grow back and look good? He is 6 months old.  I am shocked when strangers know that he is a papillion because he doesn’t look like one anymore.  I just want to cry.

Thanks for you help.

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  1. forevr says:

    I am so sorry this happened. Unfortunately there are lots of so called groomers in this area that own a pair of clippers and enjoy using them. Doesn’t mean they are qualified though….

    Please see our grooming page A Papillon can very easily be groomed at home.

    The good news it will grow back and for now have fun with it. Your Papillon got a summer haircut and he is cool! By winter the coat should be well on its way to being a winter hairdoo! Just remember in the meantime to keep the hair on his pads trimmed and his toe nails short.

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