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I have 11 week old Pap. I read that they go through an “ugly shedding stage”. I can see that my pap is starting to lose some fur/coat. When will it usually grow back to adult fur/coat?


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  1. forevr says:

    Somewhere between 12 and 16 weeks of age a Papillon starts going into their teenage uglies. Like all teenagers their feet may get big, nose shape changes, they get what we call a double stop which is a ridge at on the forehead, there puppy coat starts changing and they may have a patchy moth eaten look. As they head towards 7 months of age all the pieces generally start fitting together again. In my particular line of Papillons by 12 months of age they are starting to look like young adults. However don’t be surprised by 18 months if your Pap starts to change over some coat to a new more adult coat.

    This is not true for all Papillons. So just go with it. Your moth eaten Papillon with become a lovely butterfly… That is if he has the genetic background for nice straight medium length coat and lovely fringing. Also remember to keep him brushed and mat free and that will give them the opportunity to grow a nice coat.

  2. papillions-papillions says:

    This stage is funny, but your Pap will be beautiful after wards, enjoy

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