Post-drinking vomit


I have a 3yr old Pap who spits up after drinking.  When we catch her drinking, we will pick her up and ‘burp’ her (much like the baby she is), and that will help with the problem.  Sometimes it doesn’t work.

This morning, I heard her drinking, picked her up and burped her, put her down and then I sat down to watch the news — sure enough, she jumped into my lap and barfed.

Anybody have any ideas?  I found a water dish from Contech Electronics, but I’m hoping there will be other input as well.  Other than this ‘problem’ she is the absolutely BEST dog in the world; mild mannered, friendly, very smart, well-socialized, travels well, sleeps in her crate. 

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  1. forevr says:

    Sounds like she is taking in too much water at one time. Tough problem to fix. Perhaps if you are in the room when she sounds like she is drinking beyond a normal amount than distract her from drinking. Call her name give her a head pat and see if she breaks the lapping of water cycle.

    If she is spitting up on a normal basis I have personally found that some Papillons who eat processed food with beet pulp as one of the ingredients they get what is similar to acid reflux. And yes an acid type pill does help them. I try not to feed a beet pulp free kibble and that helps. I do not know the reason why I just know it works for my dogs.

    One other thing, if she continues to drink allot all the time. You may want to discuss this with your vet. If you feel your dog has excessive thirst it may be signs of a minor health problem. A simple blood test will give you all that answer.

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