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Fur/ coat question

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Hello there!

I have 11 week old Pap. I read that they go through an “ugly shedding stage”. I can see that my pap is starting to lose some fur/coat. When will it usually grow back to adult fur/coat?


Trouble with Potty Training

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008


New to blogging.  Please bear with me.

My Pap, Madison, is 11 months old.  Anyway, we are having a hard time house breaking her.  We got her last October and we immediately began crate training her.  We now use a puppy play pen for her when we are not home and at night.  She will not go in her pen (except for the occasional accident-which is usually our fault because she is left in there too long).  She goes constantly in the house.  She will not give us any sort of warning that she needs to go out.  We feel we have been consistent with her as far as taking her out regularly, using the same door to take her out, etc.  I’m constantly finding little pee markings in the house and poop here and there.  We do let her run freely in the house while we are home.  One friend suggested training her to use a bell to tell us she has to go out.  We tried this and she rings the bell, but so does the cat.  The cat figured out that when I say “Let’s go Potty” to Maddy, she can sneak out into the backyard (which she loves).  Any suggestions or ideas that anyone has tried would be greatly appreciated!  I’m desperate.  I’ll try just about anything at this point! 



Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

Hello Ruth Ann.   Our second Papillon is 2 years old now and her ears have dropped quite a bit.  Her Dad is a Phalene and her Mom is a Papillon.  Is there a way to post a picture to this blog?  I would like your opinion as to if you think she is a Phalene or not.  Thanks.