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Sanitary help

Saturday, May 31st, 2008


Over the course of 30 years, I have bred Saint Bernards, Rotties, German Shepherds and Boston Terriers now I am hooked on Paps!!

I did alot of research, found great bloodlines had them both tested for PRA and looked into their history for genetic defaults. NOT a cheap or quick task – but highly worth it!!! I only breed when I have committed buyers and deposits. I have a 16 month old female and a seven month old male.

My questions – my female has come into her second heat cycle, her very furry vulva area is a mess! (Collects “debris” and dried yucks.) That is handle-able because God made soap and water for various reasons…my concern – when I do allow the male to have access, next year, is it recommended to trim up that area for easier access as well as sanitary reasons? 

She has a great coat and I do not want her fur to grow in thiner or shorter. (I am showing her.) 

Thank you for any help and suggestions.  

any help with a 5 mo. old pap

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Sometimes I think i don’t even have a true Pap, even though I have papers…he is so big at only 5 months – bigger than he was even supposed to get at an adult age…he is already standing up to my knee almost and weighs I would say around 12 pounds, not fat at all, just solid – and his ears are not standing up at all yet…….my problem is with housetraining…he will be so good for a while then all of a sudden start going all over the place again…i dont know what I am doing wrong, i know that they are hard to house train, so any ideas about this I would love…