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One Year Papillon Peeing on Bed!! Help!

Thursday, April 24th, 2008


 I have a nearly one year old Papillon (spayed) who has been peeing on the bed recently.  It all started a several months ago, she would do it when I was out of the room or not looking.  Last night the situation came to a head, as she peed on my boyfriend’s brand new $800 mattress….while we were in bed!!!  She had just gone outside and did her business. 

She is pretty well potty trained, at my condo she goes outside on the patio where she has fake grass and at my boyfriend’s high rise condo, I take her downstairs to the doggie area.  She lets me know when she needs to go and has very few accidents which are usually my fault if I didn’t take her out on time or open the patio door. 

I could start crating her at night and that would obviously eliminate the problem of her peeing while we are in bed, however, it doesn’t stop her from running in the bedroom when we are doing other things or not looking and peeing on the bed.  Any ideas on why she could be doing this and how to train her to stop?  I highly doubt she has a UTI or any other medical problem, as this has been going on for months.  It has to be behavioral.  Please help!!

do paps like water?

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

i am just about to bring a pap into my home and i was just wondering if they like water or if they can even go in water…? I had a pom and they said because for their double coats poms shouldnt really go in the water. i know paps dont have a double coat but i do know they have long hair… i am just curious, thanks


oh… i have one more question: if the pap im about to get is 3months old and only weighs about 3lbs do you think he will stay small? obviously not 3lbs but will he stay w/in size limitations? i have a pom who is meant to be no more then 7lbs and he is 17lbs!!! he’s not fat he is just a big dog…

thanks again

Hello- I have a new dog with a few problems…help!

Friday, April 18th, 2008

propic1.jpgI’ve just taken on a 14 month old neutered Phalene male called Roo. He is a rescue dog who was kept in a kennel block until the age of 11 months. He hasn’t been properly socialised with people or other dogs. Luckily he is both sweet natured and trusting so we are making slow progress with his uncertainty over human contact but other dogs remain a mystery to him. We live in an apartment block so I’m also trying to teach him not to bark at the door when people pass by. Some days he is fine and some days he barks at every noise.

Our main problems at the moment are regarding house training. We live on the first floor and he has been crate trained previously. Mostly he is very good and will wait till we let him out, he doesn’t mark in the flat but nearly every night he eliminates on the kitchen floor. We are trying to find a routine where he won’t need to go at 4am but I’m starting to run out of ideas. It does seem like he just needs to go at a ridiculous hour in the night. We let him out at 11.30pm for his last toilet break and his first of the day is a 7.20am. What time do other people feed/toilet their dogs? I’m also gradually changing his diet to a better dry mix with more nutrients (the one he arrived with is terrible).

Any advice on what I should be doing will be gladly accepted. I’m new to dog ownership but have kept various animals. I’m using positive reinforcement training with food as a reinforcer (taken from his normal daily food amount).

Ahh on a final note we don’t crate him at night because he cries to go out at 4am and I like having my dog with me. Plus what if he needs a drink? Is it right to remove access to water? (considering he never pees in the flat).