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when should i begin outdoor potty training?

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

my pap is 3 months old and it is march,  and i am in a very cold state. i want to know when a good time to train my pap outdoors would be. i have tried several times to take him outside but he actually climbs up my leg and whines for me to pick him up. he wants nothing to do with the outsoors. he is very hard to potty train and i am very aware that they can take 8-10 months to potty train, i believe. what i was wondering, was when a good time would be to start training him outsoors?

Puppy’s tail does not curl over his back

Friday, January 30th, 2009


I have a papillon puppy that is 13 weeks old this week and he is not carrying his tail up and over his back. When he is excited he holds it up above his bottom, but it sticks straight out from his body and when he is resting or being calm, it falls down away from his body. When he was younger it seemed to be growing in the right direction and, although it was short, curled up at all times. Now it is what seems to be the proper length, but does not have any curl to it at all and is straight as a stick. I was wondering if this could be normal for some puppies at his age and if it is a stage he is going through that will correct itself once he gets older. Is there anything I can do to help correct this? He is AKC registered and I have pictures of his parents, grand parents and great grandparents and they are all of very sound conformation with beautiful curly, plumed tails. I purchased him as a pet, so I don’t expect him to be perfect conformation wise, but the fluffy curly tails are one of my favorite features of this breed and I really hope his will come around. Has anyone else had a puppy that went through a phase like this when they were growing and if so, did it correct itself by the time they were an adult?




What to do

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

I woke up this morning to find that my lil pap had soiled in her cage and she threw up a bit. I took her out to go potty and she did her business. My question is this what do I give her for an upset stomach? I know she ate a big leaf yesterday could that upset her? She also tries to eat her bowel movements so we have to keep an eye on her for that. What do we do about that too? So many questions and concerns. I gave her a bath to clean her up and clleaned her cage all out and her bedding. Now she is sleeping comfortably. I hope she will be ok. I tried to take her temp with an ear temp thermometer but she fought it. Please reply. I dearly love my lil girl.



Nose pigment question

Sunday, October 12th, 2008

Hi, Im hoping you can help me. Currently I am looking at getting a dog pup as he is a beautiful dog but his nose is still pink with black spots (he is 8wks old). I just wondering if you have ever come across a dog who has been like this and if the nose went fully black and how long it took. Im buying him as a show dog. Thanks.

any help with a 5 mo. old pap

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Sometimes I think i don’t even have a true Pap, even though I have papers…he is so big at only 5 months – bigger than he was even supposed to get at an adult age…he is already standing up to my knee almost and weighs I would say around 12 pounds, not fat at all, just solid – and his ears are not standing up at all yet…….my problem is with housetraining…he will be so good for a while then all of a sudden start going all over the place again…i dont know what I am doing wrong, i know that they are hard to house train, so any ideas about this I would love…

do paps like water?

Saturday, April 19th, 2008

i am just about to bring a pap into my home and i was just wondering if they like water or if they can even go in water…? I had a pom and they said because for their double coats poms shouldnt really go in the water. i know paps dont have a double coat but i do know they have long hair… i am just curious, thanks


oh… i have one more question: if the pap im about to get is 3months old and only weighs about 3lbs do you think he will stay small? obviously not 3lbs but will he stay w/in size limitations? i have a pom who is meant to be no more then 7lbs and he is 17lbs!!! he’s not fat he is just a big dog…

thanks again