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The Original Forevr Papillons any other Forever is just a wannabe.

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About The Kennel Name Forevr Papillons

Ruth Ann & Danny in "98" with Lyndylore Michelle, BIS CH Envy My Fuzzy Attache, CH En-La's BravissimoThere is allot of romance that when into the creation of the kennel name, Forevr Papillons. It was created in 97/98 when Danny R. Ford II & Ruth Ann Ramsey - Ford joined together in life and dogs. Prior to their culmination Danny bred Papillons under the prefix of Lyndylore and Ruth Ann used the name Envy.  Of course such a special union there needed a special name.  Here is the story about how the prefix began...

Danny & Ruth Ann tried out different versions of the kennel names combined together.  Nothing seemed to sound quite right.  Then one evening while discussing names while talking back and forth on Instant Messenger Ruth Ann said... How about "Forevr"  Danny wrote back "Forevr", that is not even spelled right?  What is the meaning?  Ruth Ann replied... Ford (for Danny's last name) Envy (for Ruth Ann's prefix), Ruth of course it is Ruth Ann's name....  Ford + Envy + Ruth = "Forever".  Danny & Ruth Ann decided to drop the last E in the word forever, making it "Forevr" They were hopefully making the name unique enough to one day be able to register the kennel name with the American Kennel Club. 

As the years have gone by there has been a couple of other Forever Papillons come into being.  One is, Line Leret, Forever in my heart, whom we do not know but have been told is a very sweet person that is the Papillon Club of America Genetics web site webmaster.  Line does not live in the United States.Cynthia Springer of Rocyn Paps & Ch Forevr Burning Memories.

The other is a girl living in the State of FL. We learned about this person when she inquired about purchasing a Pap puppy from us and used the email address "Forever"@........  We did not have any bitches available at the time.  However we did tell her we would be happy to meet her since we were traveling to Florida to the Papillon Nationals in the very near future.  We also requested that she not use the kennel name Forever for any Papillons she might have and explained how special the name was to us. We also went into additional detail about how frequently AKC misprinted our kennel name on registrations papers. She declined to meet us.  It is unfortunate this young lady did not honor the request to not use Forever Papillons. Today this woman uses and advertises Forever on Papillons she breeds and sells and Forever Puppies. From time to time this causes confusion.   

We ask that you do not confuse this person with our handler and friend, Cynthia Springer of Roycyn Papillons who also resides and shows our Forevr Paps for us in Florida. (pictured on the right)

We can not imagine why anyone would want to use a breed prefix that another respected, well known, ethical,  and established  breeder is using. You would think if you were wanting to be a reputable quality breeder and be known in your own right, you would not want to use a prefix that might confuse you with any other person or kennel. 

Today we can only share with everyone that we are the original Forevr Papillons and any other Forever is simply an imposter. 

Please be careful when surfing the net looking for Forever or Forevr, The true Forevr is  the large Purple and Gold educational site. Another small bit  of trivia about Forevr website,  we were  also the original Purple/Gold Papillon site on the www made in 1997

Thank you for being interested in learning more about Forevr Papillons and how our kennel name became reality and our life.

Together Forevr, we look forward to many years of continued Pursuit of Papillon Perfection...


Danny R Ford II & Ruth Ann Ramsey-Ford   
 (Ruth Ann who still considers herself from Texas & Danny the great guy from Pennsylvania  pictured in 2004)

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