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Welcome to Forevr's Puppy page

last revised - 04/26/09

NOTICE:  Kennel Reduction Adults & Puppies
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Forevr Papillons has two homes. - We are currently in Texas.

The Texas Hill Country between Austin and San Antonio.

And in Central Pennsylvania Alleghany Mountains North of Altoona & West of State College.

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To be considered for Pap you must fill out an inquiry completely.

Ruth Ann, Danny, & CH Flip as a puppy...

Hello, This is Ruth Ann and Danny Ford

of Forevr Papillons.

We thank you for visiting our site.

Points of Interest when thinking about buying a Forevr Pet Puppy.

  • At Forevr Papillons we strive to be a quality reputable Papillon breeders. 

  • Our Goal is to breed happy healthy quality *Show * Papillons to keep and show for ourselves.  We do offer pets for sale which we are not keeping as show potential for ourselves.

  • Our dogs come directly from us the breeder to you the buyer.  We do  not advertise our puppies on many public internet for sale sites that sell adult or puppy dogs.  We do not sell or use brokers.  We don't needThis is Eve we are growing her up as a Forevr Show Puppy. too!

  • This is not the site to look for an inexpensive pet Pap. If you are looking for a well bred healthy pet from a breeder who is dedicated and has learned all about Papillons before breeding a litter, than we are the breeder for you.

  • Forevr Paps has breed quality, sound, dogs with excellent breed type from champions or champion pedigree's for over 28 years. 

  • When we breed our Papillons our Goal is to breed happy healthy quality puppy for us to continue to show at AKC dog shows.  We can not keep them all. What we don't keep for ourselves we try to find good homes to people who want a loving pet.

  • Papillons are the only breed of dog we own. 

  • Quality, Breed Type, Temperament, Soundness come first!

  • Our puppies are healthy, happy, handled with care and well socialized.

  • Forevr Papillon litters are litter box trained and sometimes can use a doggie door before going to their new forever home.

  • As a quality breeder who cares about the welfare of the breed we only breed healthy adult dogs with good temperaments.

  • Forevr Papillons before ever breeding a Papillon will have veterinarian clinic health checks for clear eyes, sound knees / patella's / and a good heart. 

  • Forevr Papillons pet are sold on limited registration buyers sign a sales agreement knowing pets are to be 'Spayed or Neutered'.

  • Forevr does not sell companion pets for breeding.

  • Every puppy we may sell to a new owner is health checked by a veterinarian. 

  • Follow Pennsylvania State Health Guarantee requirements even though we are not required since we are considered "hobby breeders".
  • Spayed or Neutered Retired Show dogs occasionally available.
  • We love obedience, agility, performance homes.
  • Our dogs we show and breed are AKC conformation quality. Our dogs also excel when purchased by experienced serious performance competitors.Granddaughter Kylie with Newborn Papillon

  • Sometimes we may have adult Papillons we offer to new  homes at a price lower than we charge for our puppies.  If you are interested in an older Papillon, let us know when you fill out the inquiry and check back with us.

  • Occasionally we sell Conformation Show Prospects in North America or Export.  If you are serious buyer  wanting a Forevr Conformation Papillon, send email to us often so we know you are still looking for a Papillon to show.

  • We enjoy mentoring our Loyal Forevr Family.
  • When considering ALL potential new owners we look for Responsible Forever homes. 
  • Inquire with integrity, we do not respond to one line email questions asking only "how much & what do you have for sale?".
  • Send us information about yourselves, your home and other pets.  If you have any goals such as training for competition helps us to decide if a puppy is the right placement for the right home.
  • Include any referrals you may have.
  • Please sign all email correspondence with your name and address.
  • We do not normally give out referrals for other breeders.  Please check the Papillon Club of America's breeder referral.

    If you fill out an inquiry to purchase a dog and don't hear anything back. First check your spam mail folder for email from showpaps.com Then, Contact Us,  to make sure we have received your inquiry.  Please keep in mind, are females are not puppy producing machines and sometimes we do not have Papillons for sale.

    Also remember, we show our dogs.  We take our dogs to the dog shows which are usually held on the weekends and sometimes there may be a cluster of 4 days or more of shows.  Usually when we are away we do not have internet access or have the time to answer email inquires about Papillons.

     If you want to be informed before inquiring we suggest you read our sales agreement.  Sales Agreement.

    Thanks for reading all this important stuff.  Don't forget to look through the rest of our site.

    Pappy Regards,

    Danny & Ruth Ann Ford, Forevr Papillons, Showpaps.com

Retired Papillons

Forevr Retired Dogs Available for the veterinarian cost of spay - neuter & dental.

The total is around $500 for a retiree.

Make a...

 Retiree's are dogs that are available for sale which have been showdogs or brood bitches are social loving Papillons.  We can not guarantee any retiree will be totally housebroken when arriving in your home. All dogs are doggie door trained and many were litter box trained when they were a puppy.


*To Fill out an Puppy Inquiry with your personal information
*Read the page about 'Buying A Forevr Pap'.
By doing these two tasks it will help us as well as answer allot of potential questions you may have.
Please don't send an email asking for pups and prices or opting into the email announcement list without filling out an inquiry.




Show Prospects

Sometimes we have Conformation Show Prospects Available for Serious Show Buyers.

For more information about, purchasing a Papillon showdog or discuss having us hand select a show  Papillon for you.  Write Forevr with information about yourself, experience with showdogs and breed references.   Before inquiring read our page "Buying From Forevr"      

All Pet Inquires please fill out a Papillon Inquiry.               

Please click on the link Buying from Forevr prior to making contact with us.


Example of Coat Colors - These puppies are not for sale.
Sable & White Sable Hound  Tri Red, Sable, White Sable Hound Tri (3 colors of sable) Tri (Black White Tan)

This puppy not for sale.

This puppy not for sale. This puppy not for sale. This puppy not for sale. This puppy not for sale.

* NOTE  At the Papillon Club of America, General Meeting April 2004. A motion was made, discussed and passed by the quorum  of members attending that it was OK for PCA to advertise on Commercial  Dog Websites and in Dog Magazines.  If the membership feels strongly enough to vote in favor of  the Club advertising PCA & breeders on public sites, as well as PCA Rescue can advertise dogs for placement on the PCA site, then it must not be assumed that it is an unacceptable practice to post Paps for placement on a private website.  Nor is it in violation of any PCA member guidelines

İForevr Puppies, No pictures may be taken without the permission of Forevr Papillons.

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