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Star, Nicky & Pez on the teeter totter

The Agility Papillon

Forevr Papillons has an ever growing group of dogs we have breed or our dogs have sired which are successful in the performance ring.

Laura Simonelli - Agilitypaps.com

Laura owner / trainer of two very well known Papillons, Both are in the AKC top 10 for 2008.  We are pleased to announce that Laura has made Youtube Agility Instruction video's available for viewing here at showpaps.com 

Laura is also an agility instructor, if you would like to arrange to take classes from a Papillon Agility Specialist, She is available to reserve a space for you and your special dog to attend her classes at her own site.


Many thanks to Jill Blum owner of our Forevr grand pap "Dallas" for assistance in the making of the videos and providing a beautiful site to train at.

As well as Katie LaMorte for letting Laura use her Forevr puppy "Rhett" as her Youtube student.

 Forevr Rhett

Laura and Mach 6 "Astro"

MACH 6 StarStruck Moonbeam, RN  "Astro"

Astro is a CH En-La's Bravissimo, SOD son

Click to see the performance prospects we may have.

Sit & Down
Switchback and Turn

MACH 2 Forevr Energy Burst, RA "Joule"

Just a few of Laura's Papillons accomplishments... in the past year.
  • Astro #2 Papillon 2007
  • Astro Ranked #10 All Breeds 2007
  • Astro #3 Papillon AKC Invitational 2008
  • Joule Youngest Papillon to earn a MACH title
  • Joule Winner of the 2008 ALL STAR Championships in York, PA (8" divison)... beating Astro by 0.11 sec
  • Joule Ranked #7 Qualifying for AKC Agility National.

Other Forevr Performance Papillons

Forevr Porche Photo Shoot, Owner Kelly Armstrong MACH Forevr Ms Pez, Owned by Nancy A. Swedish Master Agility CH, Forevr More than a Feeling, Owner Helga Westerland Forevr B-Dazzled By Braylor,   Owner C. Yarczower
Forevr Fur Fighter, owned by Shirley Murphy      

If you own a Forevr Papillon or a relative of a Forevr Papillon that is a performance titlelist and would like your dogs pictured here please send the picture too, Forevr@showpaps.com


The exciting sport of Agility has become the premier performance event for Papillons. Forevr A Name Dropper  NA,OAJ,CCG Why? Because the Agility ring allows handlers and dogs to step out of the normal routine of training and just let Butterflys fly!!!  The Papillon handler and their dog can  run full speed off lead in the arena, while having to perform accurately and safely on A-Frames, Dog Walks, See-Saws and a wide variety of jumps and tunnels.  The great thing about agility is your having fun, the Pap is having fun, and if you mess up, so what, it was just good challenging fun. 

Agility began in England in 1978 as an "intermission" between events at the Crufts International Dog Show. It was so enthusiastically greeted that it became one of the most popular dog sports. The USDAA was organized in 1986 and has grown to over 80 affiliated clubs nationwide, and more than 16,000 registered dogs. When the American Kennel club adopted agility, the sport was opened to a whole new group of dog fanciers. In fact, since its introduction, in the summer of 1994, agility has become the most popular and the fastest growing performance event in AKC history! Agility is a contest of fun, that Papillon fanciers are discovering every day.

Dog agility provides a great opportunity for people and their dogs who want toStarstruck Moonbeam "Astro" stay in shape, have fun and challenge themselves to compete for agility titles. 

Agility training a puppy can start as early as 8 weeks of age. With training as simple as learning how to go over a bar or their first experience at the tunnel and the see saw. Puppies are so eager to learn and so happy to please. They really pick things up quickly. But the key to a successful training session is to keep the lessons SHORT and POSITIVE. Use lots of rewards, from special food treats to toys and pats on the head and hugs. Starstruck Chase the MoonAgility training works for improving confidence in a shy puppy. The other huge benefit is the socialization that will help your puppy grow into a very well rounded dog.

Papillons are very competitive toy dogs when it come to competing in Agility. As far as the sport itself it is pretty much the same for all breeds of dogs. Handlers direct their a dogs over a timed obstacle course. Courses can be run indoors or out ofIndoor Agility Trial doors.  Dogs race against the clock as they jump hurdles, scale ramps, race through tunnels, balance on a see-saw, leap through suspended tires, run across a plank 4 feet off the ground, and weave through a line of poles! Agility Certification Tests are being offered for several levels of difficulty in standard agility, snooker, jumpers, gamblers, and pairs relay. Scoring is either based on faults, as in equestrian jumping events, or on point accumulation. Competitors who achieve a specified number of clean runs (no faults) in tForevr Hooked on a Feeling - Imported to Sweden heir standard agility class, earn a title at that level and progress to the next level of competition. Because of its fast pace and simple, objective scoring system, dog agility is an exciting spectator sport.

The standard agility class is comprised of fourteen to twenty obstacles adapted from the equestrian world and military canine corps, set out in a pattern of the judge's choice. Handlers are permitted to walk the course without MACH Kamian's Magic UD,MAD, O-EAC, S-EJC,  EJC, CGC their dogs to develop strategy prior to each class. Course faults are assessed for errors such as knocking poles from hurdles, failing to touch the yellow zones on ramps of the "contact" obstacles (the A-frame, see-saw, and dog walk), jumping off a pause table before the end of a five second count, missed weave poles, and running off course. Course faults and time penalties are combined for a final score, with the lowestForevr Hooked on a Feeling - Imported to Sweden score being the winner. 

Snooker is patterned after the British billiards game of "Snooker". The obstacles are labeled as to their color and point value which ranges from 1-7, with 'red' jumps having a value of 1. There is an 'opening' sequence of point collection, requiring the dog to successfully complete a 'red' jump prior to attempting an obstacle of any other color, followed by a 'closing ' sequence of a set pattern for obstacles 2-7. Jumpers consist primarily of hurdles and may include a tire and tunnels and must be run in a pattern set by the judge. Gamblers consist of a course with no pForevr A Name Dropper  NA,OAJ,CCGre-determined route and each obstacle is assigned a point value. In the 'opening' period the handler seeks to accumulate points by performing the obstacles of his/her own choice in the time allotted. At the conclusion of the 'opening' the handler attempts the 'gamble', a sequence designed by the judge to be handled from a distance, for additional points. Pairs Relay consists of a standard course with one dog and handler running a portion of the course, followed by a baton exchange to a second handler and dog who run the second portion of the course.

The Dog Agility Masters® Team Championship is a pentathlon event which places emphasis on dog agility as a team sport, with each individual on a three-dog/three-handler team competing in each of five classes of competition: standard agility, snooker, jumpers, gamblers, and three-dog team relay. Team rankings and placements are based on the cumulative scores through the five classes of competition. 

Forevr Ms PezThe USDAA® Grand Prix of Dog Agility® is a single tournament class, offered as a local qualifier. Competitors earning 7 or less faults in each of two local qualifiers, may advance to one of six regional qualifiers across the country. The USDAA® Grand Prix of Dog Agility® World Championships will be held this November.



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