Cayman is Perfect!

Kelly Armstrong writes,

Where’s Cayman? Hi Ruth Ann,
I’ve been wanting to send you an update on Cayman, so here it is!

Forevr’s Porsche Photo Shoot is perfect! I really couldn’t have gotten a better boy. He is VERY outgoing and loves everyone he meets. In fact when I am holding him and
someone comes up to say hi to us, he practically leaps into their arms
and then gives lots of kisses. He is fearless and is not shy around
dogs. He would like to meet them all, but I don’t trust all dogs with
him since he is so little, so I am very, very careful. He and my 2 year
old golden are best friends. They tug together and Cayman chases Dibs
and herds him, even nipping at his hocks. They are quite a pair as they
“wrestle”, Dibs either laying down and letting Cayman chew and tug on
various places of his body, or standing patiently as Cayman hangs from
his ears and tail!

Because I live on 300 acres, we have lots of off leash running and
walks. He is very good about listening and staying with us. He
especially likes to pounce at the toads at night and make them hop so he
can herd them. Too silly! He is also a very good bug catcher and
chases the birds around here. He is very toy and food driven, and
usually is walking around with something in his mouth. He is very good
at stealing socks. 🙂

Cayman has been quite the traveling pup. He comes to work with me every
day, and has been to 5 agility trials. Yesterday we all went to a
golden retriever fun day, and he even got to participate in a puppy
game. We went up to MA and VT for a week and a half so I could visit a
friend then go and teach at Camp Gone to the Dogs. I teach agility,
hunting and swimming at this camp. We’ll be heading back up the first 2
weeks of September for the Fall camps.

Cayman has been a huge hit with everyone! The word is out that I have a
small dog, and everyone wants to see him. He is definitely changing
peoples’ perceptions around here about how a small dog can be.

His training is going well. He is smart as a whip. His housebreaking
was nearly flawless, with only 4 mistakes the first few days I had him.
I didn’t use a litter pan, just took him out often and used the crate
judiciously. His house manners are wonderful, and he really takes his
cues from the other dogs. Every night around 9 pm he gets the zoomies
and tears around the house making growling noises, grabbing toys, and
making sharp turns! It is so entertaining! He has slept through the
night from the 3rd night that I had him.
He is such a good boy and I am having so much fun with him! I didn’t
want you to think that because you had not heard from me that he wasn’t
getting attention….rather the opposite! I’m so busy with him that I’d
rather train and play with him than slow down and use the computer!

As of last Wednesday he was 5.7#. Right now he is gaining about .2# per
week. He lost 8 teeth in the last week or so, and his new ones are
coming in nicely. His tail and ears are getting feathers.

As you can see, I am smitten by this little bundle of joy! When I find
my camera…(I’ve lost it somewhere in my house in the last few
weeks…) I’ll send some pictures. Please let me know if you will be
visiting your friends in MD as I would love for you to see and evaluate him.


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