Cayman & “brother” Dibs

Hi ,
Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of Cayman and his “brother” Dibs.  We were at 2 days of the Hampton, VA shows. (Dibs got BOW and BOS on Friday!)  The boys and I then took a little side trip to Colonial Williamsburg just down the road.  I had not been there in 30 years!  The dogs were a big hit with everyone there!

Cayman is such a delight and has so much drive.  He loves to chase any bird on the property where I live….which includes chickens, guinea hens, geese, and peacocks.  (He actually caught a chicken….just pulled some feathers out before it escaped…he was very naughty!)

Also, take a look at the following link..Cayman’s picture from last September is on this website.  He is the second picture.  He is also on the Camp Gone to the Dogs brochure.  I teach at the camp the first week of June and the first 2 weeks of September.  We’ll be heading out to camp this coming Friday.


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