Toby Update



Dear Danny and Ruth Ann,

Toby is sheer delight! Toby did very well on our initial trip home in August.  After a few days he made himself right at home and has adjusted very well into our lifestyles. We both work out of the home so he has a hard time deciding which office to hang out and nap in while we are working.  When we are not working we are playing with him or playing golf – he knows the golf attire and prances right into his crate with his nylabone when we hit the links.

Christmas he enjoyed his toys and didn’t bother the tree at all.  He is a happy and well adjusted little guy who is very calm and not a barker unless the door bell rings. He enjoys plenty of exercise and doggie day care for toy breeds.

In January we headed to Naples, Florida while our home was renovated in Cary, NC.  Toby enjoyed the balmy Florida winter and learned how to swim!

He is now happy to be back in North Carolina where he enjoys his playmates and the spring weather!  Thank you for allowing us to adopt this wonderful dear little dog!

Melissa & Richard Morauer, Cary, North Carolina

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