Fabulous puppy

What a fabulous puppy. THat dog is perfect. High drive, good stucture, great great personality.
What a good match for Betty Pranskat. That dog is fantastic. He’s doing some phenomenal things already. We worked on Left and Right. He’s got it. Also some foundation work for agility. He is so smart. He could be world team material for agility.

He is a great travaler,went to the hotel like he had done it all his life. He is flexable and very amiable. Great work ethic even at his young age. What a joy.

I would get one of your dogs in a heartbeat. I can’t say enough great things about that little guy. You all have done some extraordinary breeding.

Your parent are a hoot. THank them so much for taking the little one and for being so hospitable to me when I arrived.

I look forward to seeing this little guy at the AKC invitationals in 2 years and also maybe on the world team.
It was a pleasure in all respects and this was a perfect puppy for BEtty Pranskat. THe little dog got a wonderful home with lots of care, loving and all the extra amenities.
Best to you and yours.

Audrey Caster

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