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Toby Update

Thursday, September 11th, 2008



Dear Danny and Ruth Ann,

Toby is sheer delight! Toby did very well on our initial trip home in August.  After a few days he made himself right at home and has adjusted very well into our lifestyles. We both work out of the home so he has a hard time deciding which office to hang out and nap in while we are working.  When we are not working we are playing with him or playing golf – he knows the golf attire and prances right into his crate with his nylabone when we hit the links.

Christmas he enjoyed his toys and didn’t bother the tree at all.  He is a happy and well adjusted little guy who is very calm and not a barker unless the door bell rings. He enjoys plenty of exercise and doggie day care for toy breeds.

In January we headed to Naples, Florida while our home was renovated in Cary, NC.  Toby enjoyed the balmy Florida winter and learned how to swim!

He is now happy to be back in North Carolina where he enjoys his playmates and the spring weather!  Thank you for allowing us to adopt this wonderful dear little dog!

Melissa & Richard Morauer, Cary, North Carolina

Sophie and her new home

Friday, August 8th, 2008

Rusty in his new home.

Monday, August 4th, 2008

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I love my little “Rusty”. He is so adorable and he has charmed everyone he has ever met here in St. Louis.  He goes everywhere with me – I’m not allowed to come to work unless he is with me – and he is certainly a huge hit with my granddaughter who laughed at all his antics from chasing his tail to running around the coffee table like it is some sort of international speedway.  He loves people and dogs and cats alike – what an ambassador for the breed.

Thanks you so much for this wonderful boy – he is nearly 100% reliable on the housebreaking – I took your advice and never let him more than 6 feet away from me and it worked like a charm.  The only time he ever makes a mistake is when I don’t take him out when he is looking at the door!  Duh!  Barb

Barbara Madison

Chica turns 1

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

Chica is a year old today and is just a happy full of fun and energy little
girl.  She is the “Rock Star” of her training sessions at the Pet Smart. She
learns very rapidly and has


at fun doing what she is taught. She loves to
play all sorts of games and does it every day. This a picture of her
swimming for the firs time last Sunday. She had a great time. I will sent a
couple of more pics of her ready to play and hunting for toads.

John Smith

Cody Wonderful guy

Monday, May 26th, 2008

Cody is a wonderful, happy, and active little guy.  We both love him too much.  He took over all the cat’s toys plus his own.  I think he plays with each toy daily.  He especially likes the toys that make noise when you bite
or shake them.

Thank you for Cody.  Hope you all are doing well.


Cayman & “brother” Dibs

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Hi ,
Thought you might enjoy a few pictures of Cayman and his “brother” Dibs.  We were at 2 days of the Hampton, VA shows. (Dibs got BOW and BOS on Friday!)  The boys and I then took a little side trip to Colonial Williamsburg just down the road.  I had not been there in 30 years!  The dogs were a big hit with everyone there!

Cayman is such a delight and has so much drive.  He loves to chase any bird on the property where I live….which includes chickens, guinea hens, geese, and peacocks.  (He actually caught a chicken….just pulled some feathers out before it escaped…he was very naughty!)

Also, take a look at the following link..Cayman’s picture from last September is on this website.  He is the second picture.  He is also on the Camp Gone to the Dogs brochure.  I teach at the camp the first week of June and the first 2 weeks of September.  We’ll be heading out to camp this coming Friday.


Fred and Sarge

Thursday, May 1st, 2008
Hi Ruth Ann and Danny,
I wanted to send you some pictures I took of Fred and Sarge today.  They are both doing great. The picture of Fred is a little odd because I was picking him up at the groomer and he was very excited.  We tried to stack him for a photo and he didn’t think that was much fun at all.  🙂   Look what a fabulous tail Sarge is growing!
Sarge is so smart and is mastering the sit/stay and down/stay.  He does great recalls and is getting the hang of heeling on leash.  He loves going to class every Tuesday night.
Fred loves agility class.  Tonight he did the regular height dog walk, the a-frame, the teeter-totter, the tire.  We are working on weaves and he does great on a series of jumps to the table.  What a little star! Everyone that meets him wants a Papillon!!
Both boys will be going for their CGC at the next testing – probably at the end of May.
Thanks again for these precious kids!!!

Chica is home

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Gracie AKA Chica did terrific driving to Houston.  She started exploring her new yard and house that evening. She is adjusting very well and seems to be having a good time here.   Attached are a few pictures of her fist full day. I will send more later.


Tony starts obedience

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008
Hi Ruth Ann:
I’m attaching some recent photos of Tony. He LOVES to play out in the yard, and especially likes a good roll in the grass. He is obsessed with playing fetch with a ball–I think he would run until he dropped as long as I kept throwing the ball for him. Tony has even been able to get Skipper (his Papillon big brother) to play chase with him on several occasions in the past couple of weeks.
Tony had his first formal obedience class last week, and once he settled down and quit barking at all the other dogs, he did very well.

Tony is a very sweet, funny little guy and I’m glad he’s a part of our family.

Fred & Sarge – Naptime

Monday, March 3rd, 2008
Hi Ruth Ann,
I really am enjoying the papillon fancy list!  Thanks for making that available.
I took these pictures this morning.  I caught the boys napping together.  Just after I took the pictures, Sarge was on his back, out like a light!  Helping mama around the house in the morning is so tiring!  We are on spring break now and so my little helpers are with me every minute during the day!
We start our next round of classes tomorrow.  Fred is really good at Rally – a couple of Q’s in novice already.  Sarge is very easy to train.  He is a total velcro dog and wants to please more than anything in the world.  I think he will be great at rally and obedience!  Fred starts agility training this month, too.  He is so fast.  I wonder if I can ever keep up with him!  🙂  Sarge will be a great agility guy too, since he LOVES to jump.  We have already had to have a “discussion” about not jumping on to the kitchen counter!!  What a little athlete.
I love these boys so much!!!  While they love each other dearly, they still love their individual walks and training times the best.  So, as you can see, I’m having a ball!
Good luck at the spring shows and thanks again for the lists!
Alice, Fred, and Sarge