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Tri Color Puppy

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Thanks for considering Forevr Papillons & Phalenes as the potential breeder of your new pet. Occasionally we offer a Puppy or an Adult to companion homes, each placement of our darling Papillons into good, loving, lifetime, permanent homes is very important to us. We like to get to know anyone interested in purchasing one of our Papillons. The information you provide will help us to know about your home and family. Plus what color, sex or characteristics your looking for in a Butterfly dog.

Are you interested in an Erect earred Papillon or a Drop earred Phalene. *Note: Phalenes are seldom available.

Do you want a Papillon as?
Spayed/Neutered Companion Pet  (Males start at $1,500.00 - Females start at $1,700.00 - Retired adults $500.00)
Conformation Show Prospect (Male co-ownership starts at $2,500 including stud rights- Female co-ownership starts at $3,500.Red, Sable & White puppy... see the dark tipping!00 +puppy back)
*Note  Only experienced Pap people apply for conformation Paps please. or Please provide references including veterinarian or trainer. (We do not offer Breeding Only Quality Dogs, please don't ask.)

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Performance: Agility or Obedience (Same price and terms as a companion pet)
* If you are wanting to Compete in Performance events and have some competitive experience, click this.  If your wanting only to train for fun or for obedience manners, and not wanting to enter Performance trials click Companion Pet

What sex of dog would you prefer?
Either Sex is Fine

Does Coat Color & Mask Markings Matter?
Don't Care What Color, Just want a Pap!
Prefer Red & White or Sable White Coat Color
Prefer Tri (black, white, tan) Coat Color
Prefer Black & White Coat Color
Prefer Blaze Face Markings.
Solid Face Markings, OK
Mis Mark Face Markings, OKRed & White Puppy
Don't Care about the Face Markings

Do you live in an?

Do you have a fenced yard
No, I am planning on walking my Pap.

Household size

Do you have childeren living in the home? How many kids and what are their ages?

Do you have other Pets? What other breeds of dogs, how many? Cat, birds, etc.

Please share with us any information about your home, work, family, other pets, goals, dog achievments, etc. The more sincere information you provide, the better it helps us get to know you.

Thanks for participating in our Forevr Papillon Inquiry,

Offering online inquires does not mean Forevr has a dog or puppy available immediately.... but anything is possible! 

 When you click the "Send" button  it will take you to a page of advertisements.  

You ARE NOT required to fill in any information on that page.  

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