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August 2001

Forevr News

Volume 2   No. 1


"Flew South"

Forevr The Season's Best  

Season being the Peachey Keen guy that he is, Just moved to Atlanta Ga, with he new Dad & Mom Co-owners.

Todd & Jenny Powell

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  Volume 1 No.1  Sept. 2000
  Volume 1 No.2 Oct. 2000
  Volume 1 No.3 Nov. 2000
  Volume 1 No.4 Dec. 2000


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Bravo, Bravo...

Ch. En-La's Bravissimo

Gets to brag about his kids.

Ch. Forevr Jingle All the Way

New Champion Jingles, rang his bell all the way to the winners circle.  He completed his CH. with a 2nd place win at the PCA National, group placing #3, BOB over ranked Specials.  Owned by Allison Akins of AL.


Ch. Forevr A Scarlett Vixen

Bravo's newest Puppy Champion hopes to "Wow" everyone when she grows up.  Scarlett says, "maybe if my Dad trains me I'll go to Westminster"  OOOOO la la!   



Bama Wins!

Our Alabama Boy, has started his career off right!  Two Major wins by 7 months of age.  One win beat his dad, Jingles.


Forevr Longwing Bama Jubilee



Puppies Galore 


Visit our newest to be kids on the Baby Page......Forevr  babies.html

Forvr Pistol Packn Momma "Jane"


On the Move,  Jane as gone to live with Maric's Papillons,  Marcy and Ric also Own Forevr Cuter Than Pooh! Pooh, is Due to whelp real soon!